Off Methadone a week how long will it last

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Question Off Methadone a week how long will it last

My dad was prescribed to 180mg of OC a month when I was 12. I start sneaking them then. Then realized how valuable they were and how popular you become if you got em so I started buying and selling in quantity. Back then I didnt use the pills except once or twice a month so there was no addiction. Cut the story short I got arrested. After that I was done with drugs. But then in 2005 I got in an accident wit a drunk driver where i was hurt bad and the other kid with me died. The doctors in all there wisdom decided to shoot me up with dulaudid every 6 hours. And to prescribe it to me once I was released. I was on that until insurance cut me off but i need something so I found my way to methadone.

well 13 years of drug use is enough. Over the last year I have got myself down to 30mgs of methadone a day and as of 1-24-12 down to zero.

The problem is its already be an week and I still have the chills constanty and shin splints worse then the ones I use to get running two-a-days, Atleast those went away when I sat down. The ones I got now are never ending know what I do.

So the question is. when will it end. Specifically the Shin Splints.

Please only those who have been through this cold turkey give advice. Not that I dont appreciate support from everyone its just that I have had everyone and the cousin tell me what to expect and what I need to do whose never been through this type withdraw or any WD at all
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Welcome to SR

Have you thought of consulting a Dr, HAML?

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Ive never been through methadone withdrawal but I have been through suboxone which I would assume would be almost the same since it basically has the same half life, the only difference being methadone is full opiate so it might be a little worse symptom wise. In my opinion you're just past the worst of it and at a week out it's only gonna start getting better. DO NOT give up, the worst should be over and im sure you dont wanna start all over again. I wish you the best and CONGRATS ON 1 WEEK!!!! You're that much closer to having your life back!!!!
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This is my experience with methadone. I detoxed from 45mg. of methadone cold turkey. It was a 16 day detox for me. Then my bones hurt for a few months. Just go through what you have to go through to get to the other side of this nasty drug. I also detoxed from 45mg of methadone using suboxone and it worked quite well. It took about 6 weeks of tapering down on the suboxone and had no withdrawals. This is my experience with methadone. Good luck in your journey. You can do this if you try hard enough. Love and Respect. logo
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Thanks for the support everyone. Still no change in the Chills and leg pain. I had the hardest time going to sleep yet last night. I ended up having to cover my legs with icy hot and wrap them with ace bandages to help with the pain and it was still to much to sleep. Finally after 8 tylenol pms and putting ice packs between my legs I was able to fall asleep.

Anyone know of any tricks that helped them sleep while WD'n.
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i went to detox to get off methadone feb 2011. i was using 120 mgs a day or more for 5 years and other things as well. the 1st week was really horrible, couldnt sleep for days my bones hurt, i felt like i was falling off a cliff for days etc... it took me a solid month to function enough to get a job still hurting but worked through it. i got a job at a hospital as a grill cook and worked my way up to the sous chef after six mo. I made it through all of the rough times with support from a sponser good nutrition, reading the big book, and lot's of praying. i know you can do it!!! KUMBAYA...
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Methadone withdrawals suck, but I don't thin they are AS bad so some people make it seem. In the end, detoxing off opiates sucks no matter what the substance is. I've come off lights like codeine and hards like heroin and always found myself in that same miserable place head space.

'Done withdrawal starts to clear up a lot around day 10 to 14, at least ime, but you'll still feel off a little restless and unwell all the way through until week 3.
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Ya I stopped on the 1-24 and today 2-15 was the first day without the chills/goosebumps. I still have no strength to get out of bed, Im exausted all the time and I seems like I havent slept since I got off the pills. just recently I have started having panic attacks. I went to the doctor to day for the panic attacks and insomia, they put me on about a 2 month supply of paxil, supposedly bc it will build up the chemicals i would normally have but dont have anymore bc of the MethD use. They also gave me a 2 week supply of Klonipin until the paxil kicks in and Vistirol for sleep. They had me on ambien but It doesnt work for me so I guess Im gonna give this Vistirol a try.
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