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Subutex vs Suboxone question

First let me say that I am so glad I found this site!

Let me give you a little history. My husband has been on Subutex for 5 years after a 2 year run on Vicodin (10-15/day). He told the doctor 4-5 times that he wanted off of the Subutex and the doctor either flat out refused or brushed him off. We spoke with 3 other psych doctors and they each said he should not have been on this med for this long. It is a short term med.

I eventually turned the doctor into our states medical board because he gave my husband such a run around about getting off. So, he refuses to refill his prescription. Since he was going into withdrawal, he was admitted to a detox facility today. I am sick..... this doctor gave us the story that he needs to be on Subutex (which she will change to suboxone at discharge) like a diabetic needs insulin. I can't wait to talk to him in the morning to tell him there is hope!

He is currently on 8 mg. My question is two fold. Should he try to stay on Subutex and not switch to suboxone, should he wean to 2 mg before he "jumps"?
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Whether one uses subutex or suboxone doesn’t make much difference in most cases….
Suboxone has naxolone in it to prevent the user from shooting it up. That is the only function of the naxolone, although it is absorbed at very small amounts and some doctors do switch their patients on suboxone to subutex when they get down low in the weaning process…
And there are any doctors who start their patients on it and then switch to suboxone and it isn’t recommended for a switch from methadone.
It should not matter that he is switched. I think doctors prefer to use suboxone to remove any temptation to abuse it….although most just seem to forget there isn’t much that can’t be abused in some way or another to begin with….

As far as weaning, it should be to crumbs, as low as one can get for the best outcome…

Now because I have no problems entertaining questions like this because I knew how hard it was to focus on myself with all this wanting to know in my head….I would suggest stepping very far out of this as your husband is really capable of finding his way, and asking the questions and working out what he needs to do for him to give him the best chance. Also try not to feed into his chaos…while I know there are some incompetent sub doctors out there I also find it equally as wrong to say this is a short term use med…

I hope that you have found a program or support network for yourself, that is just as important as him having one.
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The only difference (as far as I know) between the 2 drus is that suboxone has an added OPIATE BLOCKER. If you take suboxone and then try and take a vicodin, you will not feel the euphoria from the vicodin. He may have some symptoms and an adjustment period while switching (such as headache, sweating)
If no one is going to taper him off and you both feel its time you could always do it yourself. I mean I tapered myself off, you just have to go really slow. I mean really, really, slow. Good luck
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Thanks for your advice. Believe me I do want to step very far away from this. He asked me to search and see what I could find. I did and provided him with the multitude of opinions here and on other sites I found. He does have to figure out what he wants to do. It is his addiction. That being said, I am here to support him and find support for myself.
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