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AL48 - My Story

I'm glad to be where i am today and being in the mind frame to ask this question 'When did it escalate for you?' .

Its pure curiosity as every story is different but so alike.
My demon and mind destroyer was alcohol. I spent my teens into adulthood being that weekend binge going out drinker. Then in my 40th year things changed and i began to drink at home. Always a beer guy i discovered wine and went from a glass to a bottle to 2 bottles and so on. Then as my weight began to become my issue i started on spirits as it had less calories, what kind of mind bending thinking process was that, not drink less or stop, go drink something with less calories.
I did the bottle hiding, putting alcohol into water bottles, walking home as i needed to lose weight, all the while knocking back a few before i got home and probably a lot more
December 1st 2021 after countless attempts i managed to stop,(not recommended on what i was doing to myself please visit a doctor), but i managed for a month on my own and then i found SR. My life now is so much better still working on sobriety but its like a part time hobby nowaday. Im still spending time here everyday I still need that.
The community has kept me going. Thats my story.

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