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My Story/Oceanlady

Unlike so many others, I had my first drink at age 30! Having lived a Christian life that believed alcohol wrong to drink.
For several years a glass of wine out was great! Little by little that glass became part of my life. A couple of glasses after work seamed the thing to do to relax. That buzz was wonderful, although the insomniaand depression was not so great! However a antidepressant and ambien helped.
Doctor would ask"how much do u drink"? I would say two glasses of wine! However, I bought "fish bowl" size, so probably 4-5 glasses. This habit got worse with retirement, as I had friends in for happy hour daily! Another excuse to drink!
I thought in many parties, holiday events and other social happenings, I was the life of the party! I could quickly put down a glass for nerves before guests arrived then begin my show!
Of course the next day I remember nothing! Like xmas dinner with grandchildren, or the wedding I ruined!
I tried several times to quite by cutting down, made a log as to daily drinking, planned to stay under 10 drinks a week! Glasses got bigger!
Quite once for 9 days, proved I wasn't a problem drinker and started back!
One Sunday morning driving home from camp aloan , feeling a little hung over and discussed with myself, I asked god to forgive me and help me. I swore to him I would never drink again!
That pledge became my recovery. It was not easy. The first months were very difficult, I found sober recovery August class 2013!!! Thanks to my group and daily logging in, I found an amazing life changing experience. We grew to know each other and encouraged each other, prayed for each other and celebrated for each other.
Readings on mind control and positive thinking to control the beast within proved extremely helpful to me.
After a year in recovery I addresses my ambien addiction by using this same method. Now 3 1/2 yrs later I am who I was met to be!!!! So many blessings have come my way! Best wishes to all!

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