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Post My Story...MrDavid

Hello everyone...My Name is David and I am a recovering alcoholic.

Honestly... I don't know what to say... Moments like these are so difficult to define by words alone, and for this alcoholic, were few and far between as well.

I walked into AA 10 years ago, with a heavy heart and a bruised ego, shameful of my past and not so optimistic about the future. As you all know, An alcoholic... cannot achieve any success, in sobriety, on their own terms and conditions and if my disease were left unchecked, either would I as well.

So, it came as no surprise, that I remained in a state of limbo for so many years, never staying in the rooms long enough to experience any lasting sobriety. You see, I never fully grasped the intense struggles and inner turmoil that defined this alcoholic.

The blessings, promises and reassurances afforded to recovering alcoholics were nothing more than a silly pipe dream to me. Thank God, though, his ways aren't my ways and his thoughts my thoughts. By letting go and letting God, I began the sobering up process once again, far away from the comforts I was accustomed to for so long.

Though, I came back, this time, for all the wrong reasons, I sobered up, surprisingly, for all the right ones. One of my greatest fears have always been, the prospect of living "life on life's terms" void of alcohol. When trials and tribulations would rear its ugly head, there would be no other possible choice, for me, in dealing with these frustrations, other than drinking.

However, through the sobering up process, I began to acquire the tools necessary to maintain a comfortable sobriety. What I've learned and experienced in the past 9 years, has given me an immense sense of gratitude for today and promising insights for tomorrow.

I've been given a second chance that so few alcoholics can enjoy, one day at a time. The friendships I've forged in sobriety are priceless, and the insights I have gained in sobriety as well, Enlightening...making the sobering up process more enjoyable every day.

The Shred of hope I've clung to throughout my 10 years, have been, for me, a Foreshadowing of the grace to come, and a greater glimpse of my probable future in sobriety.

Of course, none of this would be possible for me, if Sobriety doesn't remain my priority. It has for today, and for that, I thank my higher power, whom I call Jesus Christ and all of you.

God bless...


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