Step Three

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Step Three

I have been using self study for moving through the steps. Although I have been involved in a "form" of recovery for four years and have participated periodically to Alanon and now Naranon, I have never obtained a sponsor and have not moved slowly and methodically through the steps. Therefore, I am using this wonderful forum as my self step study. Anyone who wished to comment or guide.....your help will be much appreciated.

Step 3: Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

How do I feel about turning my life over to a Higher Power for guidance?Recently, through Step One and Two, I began to implement Step Three. I feel that it is a struggle. Something that I have difficulty doing. I'm so use to being the one who orchestrates and's what I do both in my personal and professional life. I pray daily for help in turning my life over to my HP.

How do I know who or what my Higher Power is?I don't know how to answer this question. My HP is an entity or being or spiritual power that watches over me. My Dad died two years ago....I picture him sitting next to my HP and helping me as well. Is my Dad my HP? No. But I like to think that he has a good relationship with my HP. That thought soothes me.

Am I willing to try to turn my problems over? What could help me to be willing?Am so ready to turn my problems over to someone.....anyone else. I think my HP is best qualified.

How can I stop thinking, trying and considering, and actually make a decision?Prayer. Sometimes I just pray and let go. It's been working for me recently so if it works.....keep doing it, right?

Have I had a problem making decisions in my life? Give examples.Unfortunately, I don't have a problem making decisions in my life and quick, reflex decisions can be as bad as no decisions at all. I am trying to pray and allow time to pass......not to dwell on my problem......and my prayers have been answered.

If I am unable to make this decision, what holds me back?I make quick decisions to get them move beyond them quickly. If anything, I need to slow down.

Do I trust my Higher Power to take care of me?Yes. I do trust my HP. This has been a fairly recent spiritual awakening for me.

How might Step Three help me keep my hands off situations created by others?This is a red flag question for me. This is a huge problem that I have with my AS. I need to step away and let HIS HP work for him.......and I'm not it.

What consequences have I had by obsessing on problems and other people?I have had two thirds of my large intestine removed. This is from obsession and worry over things I have no control over. I now experience frequent partial small bowel obstruction as a result. Worry and obsessing had never solved my has only created them.

When I “Let Go and Let God” take care of my life, am I willing to follow the guidance I receive?Only if my heart is open to even recognize the guidance! I have made great strides in this area over the last two months. When I find myself obsessing about anything....I use Let Go and Let God as my mantra. It helps.

How can I turn a situation over and let go of the results?Prayer. Getting in touch with my HP has allowed me to turn the situation over and feel at peace with the outcome. But thus far, the results of my letting go and letting God do his work in my life have been positive. The question is........can I let go of the results when it is not so positive.

How can I stop myself from taking my will back?Staying in the moment. Continued prayer. Naranon. Reading. And constant self correction. When I catch myself pondering (lol.....nicer word than obsessing), I need to immediately recognize it and take corrective action. What is that action? Prayer. (I am starting to see that I need to pray more than I already am.)

What can I do when my loved ones make decisions I don’t like?Acceptance. Love. And keeping my mouth shut.

How can I let my loved ones find their own life paths as I am finding mine?For me, I think the most important thing will be to concentrate on acceptance. The knowledge that I have NO POWER over other people and when I try to impose MY will on others, it has an amazing way of backfiring on me. For a reasonably intelligent person, I must be a slow learner. I'm just hoping that once I learn it, implement it, and embrace will become my norm.

What can I do to try to see others as God sees them?Prayer. It just keeps coming back to prayer. Compassion. Learning and living and embracing compassion.

How can I express God’s will in my actions and words towards others, including the alcoholic? Let go, Let God. Realizing that sometimes there is tremendous peace in silence.
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How do I know who or what my Higher Power is?I don't know how to answer this question

my Aunt calls her HP G.U.S :Guy Up Stairs
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Originally Posted by fourmaggie View Post
How do I know who or what my Higher Power is?I don't know how to answer this question

my Aunt calls her HP G.U.S :Guy Up Stairs
GUS.......I like that a lot. I hope your Aunt doesn't mind if I borrow that moniker.

gentle hugs
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