My Journey, Step 11

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My Journey, Step 11

A friend who has been helping me said: "where you are right now is where you need to be, when you need to be somewhere else you will go there."

She is right...and it's time to get unstuck and move on to step 11.

An important note to make is that this Step guides us with the words prayer and meditation.

The Second part of Step Eleven, ďÖ praying only for knowledge of his will for us and the power to carry that out,Ē focuses our prayers in a specific direction Ė Godís not ours, Asking only for Godís will means surrendering our own. Working previous Steps has helped us to become willing. Before recovery some of us accepted unacceptable behavior in others, believing we were doing Godís will. Despite sincere efforts, we are not always able to separate Godís will from our own, but we can strive for improvement. When we experience a new joy, we now celebrate with newfound gratitude. When we make a mistake, we learn from it and continue to grow Ė One Day at a Time.

How do I do find the difference between prayer and meditation? Can I talk to my sponsor, another Al-Anon friend or someone Iím sponsoring about the difference?

Search for and learn how.

Am I willing to try prayer and meditation today?

Yes, I am

What can I do to add prayer and meditation to my life today?

Today, I start with the book: "The Courage to Change." It's a small book and a small change...but it is a start.

Do I have a special time and place to pray and meditate? What can I do to create one?

Yes I do. I always had; I just didn't realize it.

How have I sought to improve my conscious contact? Have I sought out help from my group? My sponsor? Anyone else in Al-Anon?

I have a couple of people who understand and, when I least expect it, bring me back to where I need to be.

What personal spiritual experiences can I draw on to help me improve my conscious contact with a Higher Power?

Taking the trip up the mountain many years ago. I had almost forgot about that.

What does it mean to me to pray only for Godís will and not my own? How can I distinguish between Godís will and my self-will?

If my thoughts or actions cause me distress, it's probably my will rather than God's will.

How have I been mistaken about Godís will? How has my self-will caused me difficulties?

When I think of what I should be doing rather than listening to what God is telling me. Everytime I do that I surrender to defeat rather than surrendering to God. A wise friend made me understand the difference.

How am I willing to be guided today?

Praying and meditation. I will listen.

Is something blocking me in this Step today? What is it? What Steps can I review to help me feel connected again?

No. I just needed to take a step back...and I have.

What do I need to have the power to carry out Godís will for me? Have I asked God for that power?

The willingness to listen. Yes, I have.

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No one is perfect. Enjoy the time you have , forgive and take care of the ones you love.

I just read that while being so upset that she is killing herself and I am doing all the work in this house. I need to find a quiet place, get a little rest, and eat some chocolate
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