Absolutely powerless

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Absolutely powerless

I am going to keep this life is a mess and it has been for some time. My drinking is not manageable and I am an alcoholic.

I have resorted to drinking alone and at home so nobody can see how much I drink. I hide bottles everywhere. I hide them inside other things when I throw them in the trash so nobody can ever see any bottles in my outside trash can. I wake up having no memory of anything I said or did and sometimes I randomly am passed out for one or more days and have had to then frantically call work and people with some lame lie about what is going on.

I don't want to be this person. This is who my mother was/is and this is not the woman I want or need to be. I am miserable and lonely. I have ruined relationships beyond repair and am now pretty much all alone.
I am ready for change and willing to do whatever I need to no matter what to regain my life.
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Are you willing to believe a power greater than yourself could restore you to sanity, like it has for me and many others on the AA path?
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Maybe find a meeting and attend?

Sioux Falls AA Intergroup | Sioux Falls Area Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous ?
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Meetings and counselling are vital for me- with complete honesty...
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