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To be at peace in mind and heart is a good base of having compassion for all; not only when things are good. but when they get real bad; stop and ask your self [ have i apply the spiritual strength I gained by been drug free] This works for me. Just happy to be alive and drug free!!!!
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No matter how long your journey apopears to be,

there is never more than this:

one step, one breath, one moment--now.

Love and Hope
If I focus on the solutions, the problems won't seem impossible!
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Demos: Really Carlos! Why would you seek to apply logic in a place where logic cannot go?

Carlos: Because, Demos, while we surely cannot go physically into the past, we can and often do direct our minds there. Where can there be a difference in that directing whether before the Big Bang or hence?

Demos: Because, Carlos, before the Big Bang there was nothing . . . not even space nor time. How would you apply logic in such a place (or better "non-place") that cannot even be imagined? It is meaninglessness.

Carlos: No, Demos, it is not. We do have the tools of this place within time and space to speak to something that is irrefutable prior to time and space because it is irrefutable within time and space.

Demos: What is it you are saying, Carlos? What can possible have existed when nothing was?

Carlos: "Capability," Demos. There had to be capability. For we know, Demos, within the deepest part of what it means to say, "this is true," that nothing can happen that does not first have the capability to happen. That is the gift which truth profers to us, with the capacity to look backwards in time. We do not know this simply within time and space. We know this because the truth of it is eternal for us. It is for that reason that we can say with conviction, that prior to the Big Bang, there had to exist the capability for the Big Bang. And with that knowledge, Demos, we open that nothingness which cannot even be conceived to very possibly contain much more than mere capability for Big Bangs, do we not? For if that nothingness simply had to contain the capability for the Big Bang, then the term containment is no longer meaningless when speaking of the nothingness prior to the Big Bang, does that not follow?

You and I have discussed the eternal nature of Truth, have we not?

Demos: We have discussed the term, Carlos, yes. And I have reminded you that the term would have no meaning unless there was a thinker present to be thinking that which was either true or false.

Carlos: Yes, Demos, but now, can you not see that even before a thinker there had to first be a capability for a difference between truth and falsehood or truth could not have been used by the first thinker?

Demos: Oh come now, Demos! You will next be saying that prior to the Big Bang, in a nothingness so pure it has no concept with which a human being can grasp its meaning, there existed the capability for everything that has happened since the occurence of the Big Bang.

Carlos: (With a smile) Well Demos, were I to say that, would I be saying a truth, would I be saying an absurdity, or would I be actually belaboring the obvious? At the least, we should be able to see that since humbling truths lead the willing "seer" from egoism with its nil capacity to love towards humility with its infinite capacity to love, there had, when the capability for truth first existed, to be also the capability for love to exist. Wouldn't you agree?

Demos: I don't know, Carlos. You have me so confused I just simply don't kinow.

Carlos: Yes, of course. Before one can know something, the capability for knowing something has to exist, doesn't it? . . . I wonder when that capability first existed. . .

Demos: Shut up! Carlos, just shut up!

Love and Blessings - Chuck
The Steps to Humility to Love to Service to FREEDOM
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