Viruses and Social Life...

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Viruses and Social Life...

Terence McKenna talks about the correlation between species that have a strong social life and susceptibility to diseases and viruses...

Diseases want to be able to move from one person to another. The rise of this susceptibility to disease is something that apparently also was going on at the same time that we were acquiring language, beginning to domesticate animals, switching our diet. What we really are is the evolutionary wreckage of a very chaotic and crazy series of pattern shifts that went on between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago. Now we are the inheritors of that.

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Well domesticating animals was a huge part of it, and so is switching your diet. Google "zoonotic illness." Almost every plague known to mankind started from eating animals or direct contact with domesticated animals. Unsanitary conditions on crowded factory farms just increases this possibility.

COVID-19 came from eating wildlife. HIV came from humans eating other primates. When are people gonna learn. Even if you don't GAF about "animal rights" eating plants is the way to go for your own health, and the future of civilization. Animal agriculture and deforestation are two big contributors to both manmade climate change and pandemics like the one we are living through.

In case this came across as too scientific and not spiritual enough, I'd like to point out that vegetarianism and respect for life is a huge tenet of several major world religions, including some groups of Buddhists, like this one:
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I know! Fellow vegetarian here. Thanks for the link
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