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Paulsandy 06-13-2019 11:36 PM

Today's affirmation thread !
Hi all,

Self-affirmation—thinking positively about oneself has been long believed to be beneficial. I know I feel better when I focus on anything positive—especially those aspects of myself.

It is not the situation that is the most important factor, but our response to it that determines how our body is impacted by the experience.

Napoleon Hill in his famous book Think and Grow Rich speaks about positive affirmations. When Louise Hayes had written a book about positive affirmations in the 1970’s, they became popular. And nowadays you can see positive affirmations all over the internet on Facebook, Instagram or Twiter posts. As everyone says, you need to repeat those positive affirmations, and they will change your life.

Lets make few affirmations today !

I surrender my life to the existence /God.
I am alive and hopeful.
I live peacefully today.
I accept the things I cant change.
I have courage to change the things.
I eat and drink healthy diets.
I take care of my body and soul.
I am recovering day by day.
I accept the reality.
I am a healer myself.
I love my family.
I create thoughts that make me feel good.
I stay sober , no matter what.
I have a sober brain that instructs my body perfectly.
I am paying back my debts without regret.
My finance is getting better.
My relationship is getting better day by day,
I am healer myself.
I take the responsibility of my life.

You folks please add you own here !!!
take care !!!!!!!!!!!!:c011:

Ann 06-14-2019 05:25 AM

I love affirmations, count me in please. Accepting that my best is good enough is one that took me a long time to believe, and I DO know it today.

Ann 06-14-2019 06:15 AM

To add to the above, Omar Khayyam once said:

"A man is blessed, who does his best,
and leaves the rest, and doesn't worry."

Paulsandy 06-14-2019 10:25 AM

Thanks Ann being a part of me here !!!
Affirmations are saving and healing my life !!
take care

Paulsandy 06-14-2019 12:01 PM

Positive affirmation-2

#1 (permalink)
Paulsandy , Today 06:09 PM
I am alive and secured
I take healthy food and drink.
I live in the present.
I love myself.
I forgive myself and others.
I let go things not serving me.
I accept my life as it is.
I approve my life without any complaints.
I surrender my life to God.
I respect others and myself.
I am in good relationship.
I can change my life.
I start from now
All dificulties are to change me.
A habit is a learned behaviour it can be unlearned and relearned so I choose to learn new good habit.
Folks please add yours here....

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