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Dee74 01-23-2019 02:41 PM

Earth Prayers, Part 5
Time for a new thread! The last one is here:


least 01-23-2019 03:41 PM

Thank you for the new part Dee! :hug:

honeypig 01-23-2019 10:10 PM

January 25, 2019

In the old days dogs in our town roamed freely. But the old ways changed.

One morning a puppy arrived in our yard with a length of rope hanging from his collar. He played with our dogs; eventually he vanished. But the next morning he showed up again, with a different rope attached. This happened for a number of days – he appeared, he was playful and friendly, and always accompanied by a chewed-through rope.

Just at that time we were moving to another house, which we finished doing all in one evening. A day or so later, on a hunch, I drove back to the old house and found him lying in the grass by our door. I put him in the car and showed him where our new house was. ‘Do your best,’ I said.

He stayed around for a while, then was gone. But there he was the next morning at the new house. Rope dangling. Later that day his owner appeared – with his papers from the Bideawee home, and a leash. ‘His name is Sammy,’ she said. ‘And he’s yours.’

As Sammy grew older he began to roam around the town and, as a result, began to be caught by the dog officer. Eventually, of course, we were summoned to court, which, we learned quickly. was not a place in which to argue. We were told to build a fence. Which we did.

But it turned out that Sammy could not only chew through ropes, he could also climb fences. So his roaming continued.

But except for the dog officer, Sammy never got into trouble; he made friends. He wouldn’t fight with other dogs, he just seemed to stay awhile in someone’s yard and, if possible, to say hello to the owners. People began to call us to come and get him before the dog officer saw him. Some took him into their houses to hide him from the law. Once a woman on the other end of town called; when I got there she said, ‘Can you wait just a few minutes? I’m making him some scrambled eggs.’

I could tell many more stories about Sammy, they’re endless. But I’ll just tell you the unexpected, joyful conclusion. The dog officer resigned! And the next officer was a different sort; he too remembered and missed the old days. So when he found Sammy he would simply call him into his truck and drive him home. In this way, he lived a long and happy life, with many friends.

This is Sammy’s story. But I also think there are one or two poems in it somewhere. Maybe it’s what life was like in this dear town years ago, and how a lot of us miss it.

Or maybe it’s about the wonderful things that may happen if you break the ropes that are holding you.

~ Mary Oliver

Ann 01-24-2019 03:39 AM

These stories are wonderful, HP, Mary Oliver's stories and your both. I grew up with a dog, Oggie, mostly beagle, part something else, who would have fit in these stories perfectly. He stole food from the counter top, he stole bath towels for his bed and most of all he stole hearts.

My grandfather lived with us for a number of years, and Grandpa and Oggie were inseparable. They understood each other perfectly.

There is a special place in my heart for dogs and for cats both.

biminiblue 01-24-2019 05:44 AM

I've often been called a free spirit. I was only married very briefly in my early thirties and I've chosen to stay single for the rest of my adult life. No kids. I never saw the benefit of a chosen career and have instead tried a few different jobs that were enough to pay the bills but that I didn't get too attached to and when it was time to move on, I did.

The one thing I have done is pay off my home and continue to live here for 27 years. It's not too much of a burden, just a small condo and I guess I do need a roof over my head. I live in uneasy acceptance that this is my, "place," even though I feel like this planet isn't really even my place. Temporary puffs of air, that's what we are.

Tiny specks.

Chewed ropes. Such a beautiful story. I've definitely had the pleasure of knowing a few dogs like that. :)

Ann 01-24-2019 05:31 PM

Bim, your post is very touching. Thank you for sharing that.

Hevyn 01-24-2019 05:42 PM

Ropes - Made me cry. Don't know why.

Bim - I love knowing that. :hug:

honeypig 01-25-2019 11:14 AM

January 25, 2019
Percy Wakes Me

Percy wakes me and I am not ready.
He has slept all night under the covers.
Now he’s eager for action: a walk, then breakfast.
So I hasten up. He is sitting on the kitchen counter
Where he is not supposed to be.
How wonderful you are, I say. How clever, if you
Needed me,
To wake me.
He thought he would a lecture and deeply
His eyes begin to shine.
He tumbles onto the couch for more compliments.
He squirms and squeals: he has done something
That he needed
And now he hears that it is okay.
I scratch his ears. I turn him over
And touch him everywhere. He is
Wild with the okayness of it. Then we walk, then
He has breakfast, and he is happy.

This is a poem about Percy.
This is a poem about more than Percy.
Think about it.

~ Mary Oliver

Hevyn 01-25-2019 02:26 PM


Maudcat 01-25-2019 03:51 PM

On my ride back from the gym today, I saw a man walking his dog.
It was a smallish pittie, wide head, white and tan.
What struck me were the sheer waves of happiness radiating from the little guy. Or gal.
Head up, tail high, seemed almost to be smiling as he/she clipped along.
Dogs just make me smile.

Ann 01-25-2019 04:54 PM

Originally Posted by honeypig (Post 7107921)

Best picture EVER! :scoregood

honeypig 01-25-2019 10:56 PM

I love those little snoots too!

honeypig 01-25-2019 11:04 PM

January 26, 2019
The Sweetness of Dogs

What do you say, Percy? I am thinking
of sitting out on the sand to watch
the moon rise. It’s full tonight.
So we go

and the moon rises, so beautiful it
makes me shudder, makes me think about
time and space, makes me take
measure of myself: one iota
pondering heaven. Thus we sit, myself

thinking how grateful I am for the moon’s
perfect beauty and also, oh! how rich
it is to love the world. Percy, meanwhile,
leans against me and gazes up
into my face. As though I were just as wonderful
as the perfect moon.

~ Mary Oliver

Caramel 01-25-2019 11:48 PM

honeypig, what a beautiful picture of the dogs' soft noses. One can almost feel their gentle breath :)

And, re the post above - I had one particular dog who adored me like that, followed me everywhere, bless her.

Happy memories...

Hevyn 01-26-2019 11:07 AM

Bittersweet and lovely.

honeypig 01-27-2019 02:30 AM

January 27, 2019
For I Will Consider My Dog Percy

For I will consider my dog Percy.

For he was made small but brave of heart.

For if he met another dog he would kiss her in kindness.

For when he slept he snored only a little.

For he could be silly and noble in the same moment.

For when he spoke he remembered the trumpet and when he scratched he struck the floor like a drum.

For he ate only the finest food and drank only the purest of water, yet he would nibble of the dead fish also.

For he came to me impaired and therefore certain of short life, yet thoroughly rejoiced in each day.

For he took his medicines without argument.

For he played easily with the neighbor’s bull mastiff.

For when he came upon mud he splashed through it.

For he was an instrument for the children to learn benevolence upon.

For he listened to poems as well as love-talk.

For when he sniffed it was as if he were being pleased by every part of the world.

For when he sickened he rallied as many times as he could.

For he was a mixture of gravity and waggery.

For we humans can seek self-destruction in ways he never dreamed of.

For he took actions both cunning and reckless, yet refused always to offer himself to be admonished.

For his sadness though without words was understandable.

For there was nothing sweeter than his peace when at rest.

For there was nothing brisker than his life when in motion.

For he was of the tribe of Wolf.

For when I went away he would watch for me at the window.

For her loved me.

For he suffered before I found him, and never forgot it.

For he loved Anne.

For when he lay down to enter sleep he did not argue about whether or not God made him.

For he could fling himself upside down and laugh a true laugh.

For he loved his friend Ricky.

For he would dig holes in the sand and then let Ricky lie in them.

For I often see his shape in the clouds and this is a continual blessing.

~ Mary Oliver

Ann 01-27-2019 05:47 AM

The are just lovely poems, HP. Thank you.

biminiblue 01-27-2019 06:49 AM

I can't express how beautifully moving that is - every line is perfect. The images, too.

Mary and Percy - now together once again.


Caramel 01-27-2019 11:08 AM

For he took actions both cunning and reckless, yet refused always to offer himself to be admonished.

Lovely thoughts, beautifully expressed.

Hevyn 01-27-2019 11:47 AM

There goes the mascara - again.
Painful and lovely at the same time. Thank you, HP. :hug:

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