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Ann 11-01-2018 02:12 AM

Prayers of Recovery ~ Part 3
The Prayers continue from here...

I like to begin each new part with this treasure...

Mayan Code of Honor

As you walk your path of life and love
guide yourself into spirituality
Be patient with yourself;
there is no rush when it comes to
advancing on whatever path you choose.
We have chosen to come again,
A new day dawns as WE awaken
to the marvel of heaven on earth.
WE are spiritual beings
wearing human cloaks.

Trust yourself and go within.
As the rambling begin to quiet,
listen to the whispers of your
inner self; your intuition; your spirit.
Keep what is good for you.
Love ALL unconditionally.
ONE becomes a Way of Life.

~ Mayan Code of Honor

Ann 11-01-2018 02:27 AM

Rusty Zipper 11-01-2018 05:13 AM

ya, living dear ann

Ann 11-02-2018 02:18 AM

The sun shines down,
and its image reflects a thousand
different pots filled with water.

The reflections are many,
but they are each reflecting the same sun.

Similarly, when we come to know who we truly are,
we will see ourselves in all people.


Ann 11-03-2018 02:34 AM

Let us see one another through eyes
enlightened by understanding and compassion.

Release us from judgment so we can receive the stories
of our sisters and brothers with respect and attention.

Open our hearts to the cries of a suffering world
and the healing melodies of peace and justice for all creation.

Empower us to be instruments of justice
and equality everywhere.
prayer for everyday for all creation

Collectively authored by the Millionth Circle Initiative,
5th World Conference on Women & Circle Connections.

Ann 11-05-2018 02:07 AM

My Prayer
Ted Hibbard

I pray
That God will bring you
Where there’s been pain
Where there’s been discord
Where there’s been loneliness

I pray
That God will bring you
Where there’s been sorrow
Where there’s been inequality
Where there’s been chaos

I pray
That He will heal your human heart
and help you face tomorrow
With a renewed sense of
And wisdom.

Ann 11-06-2018 02:21 AM

Come sister, come sing to me.
We are both enlivened by the same spirit,
We are both nurtured by the same earth.

I feel your roots beneath the earth, beneath me
I am in awe of your majesty

Your limbs stretch to the heavens
Letting in just enough light for me to find my own way.
You sing softly to me in the breeze

I am at peace here.
I am home here.
I am safe here.
I am free to think my thoughts and hear your whispers,

“Stay free for me, come sing with me.
We are both enlivened by the same spirit,
We are both nurtured by the same earth.
Come sister, come sing with me.”

prayer in the forrest - adrienne o'hare

honeypig 11-06-2018 07:50 AM

Oh, I like this one, Ann!

Ann 11-06-2018 12:45 PM

Yes, me too, HP. I just found it today and it's already in "my treasures".

Ann 11-07-2018 02:44 AM

Lord, the air smells good today,
straight from the mysteries
the garden
of God.
The trees in their prayer,
the birds in praise,
the first blue violets,

— Rumi

Ann 11-08-2018 02:12 AM

A faintish journey do I make
As through this frazzled world I wind,
With heavy heart and weary steps,
But with determined mind.

Beseech I for a flicker of
The faith than can a mountain move,
And hold that tenet close to me,
Believing where I cannot prove.

The pow'r that comes when sinking low
To man who grasps for straw or rope,
Will clutch til has he breathe no more
For where there's life, there's hope.

If my good turn be given to
My fellow man's deficiency,
I'll try to share my lowly gifts
Of Faith and Hope and Charity.

~faith, hope, and charity - anne shannon demarest

Ann 11-09-2018 02:31 AM

I believe in the sun
though it is late in rising.

I believe in love
though it is absent.

I believe in God
though He is silent.

anonymous holocaust survivor - cologne, germany

honeypig 11-09-2018 08:52 AM

I've been listening on public radio to programs about Kristallnacht, which happened the night of November 9, and your post is very timely, Ann.

Hevyn 11-09-2018 02:52 PM

I didn't realize it was on this date, HP.
Yes, very timely Ann. Not sure how they ever went on after that, but they did.
I love the prayers - they mean so much to me.

venuscat 11-10-2018 05:02 AM

I lost the thread for a week or wonder my life was all out of kilter. :) :hug:

Hevyn 11-10-2018 12:15 PM

I am here, looking for my prayer..... :angel:

Opivotal 11-10-2018 12:44 PM

Me too, Hev. :)

venuscat 11-10-2018 02:24 PM

Oh gosh, I don't have wings.....hmm.....I will find some. :)

venuscat 11-10-2018 02:26 PM

oops.... xx

Ann 11-10-2018 02:36 PM

Good gravy, that bump on my head last night must have made be forgetful. Never fear, the prayer is here....

In honour of Rembrance Day tomorrow, I will post this poem that all Canadian school children were required to wasn't until I was older that I understood the deep meaning. I consider spiritual thoughts and poems to be prayers too, so God bless all those who served in any war and God bless all those who endured the horrors of war.

I dedicate this to my father in law, who served in France, Italy, North Africa and was in Holland for the liberation. God bless Ab, I shall never forget him.

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