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Law of Attraction, and What You Resist Persists

I've got a couple of questions about the above sayings.

The Law of Attraction says that you get more of what you focus on - does this mean if one concentrates on the (drinking) past they get more of it?

What You Resist Persists - does this include alcohol, or how do you think this one works?

Any thoughts are welcome :-)
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The Law of Attraction states that Like attracts Like. In other words, the thoughts you think, whether they are from the present, past, or future, will attract like circumstances. So if at any given point, your predominant thought or feeling is one that's associated with drinking alcohol, the circumstances around you will organize in a way so that alcohol is available for you to drink. Now, this can be tricky because most of our attracting gets done from our subconcsious mind, which is 80% of our entire mind. So if you think you are not thinking about alcohol but in fact you are in your subconscious mind you are, well than most likely alcohol will show up in your experience. The key is to think about what you want the final outcome to be, in this case I would say soberity.

When you resist something, you are focusing your attention on it. So if you resist alcohol and are often thinking about how bad it is, more experiences will show up that let you know how bad alcohol is. It's like this with everything, not just this one example. Again, the key is to look at what you want, the positive aspect of whatever it is you are dealing with. If you keep doing that, sooner or later conscious thoughts will become subconscious and therefore attracting what you want will become easier. If you only have positive thoughts, only positive outcomes are posible.

I hope this helped
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85, this has been the one biggest help to me early on in recovery...

and i hope others may read it, and have it help them...

thanks for posting this, and welcome to the fam...

pisshead, nice to see ya down here...

What You Resist Persists
simply put, "change..."

Rule 62
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Abundance - Understanding the Cosmic Law of Attraction
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I love a quiz and How Good Are You At Attracting Positives Into Your Life? was a good one espresso.

thank you.

" Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain."

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although I'd not heard it before I stumbled onto this site, for me, "what you resist persists" has a familiar ring to it - I was well aware of the law of attraction, but also plagued with the alky's "washing machine head", full of negative thoughts most of the time, and this is a few years off the booze!
This is the mechanism of my self sabotage, I realized. But what to do?
Ask and you shall receive says the law of attraction, so i did-and I received in spades ;-D
There are some great resources to be found on my blog- - come and have a look, I'm a newbie blogger but if you're in recovery and thinking about the law of attraction you'll find some really useful stuff.

Happy Thoughts
fluke :-D
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The book and dvd The Secret are all about the law of attraction. I would highly suggest either reading or watching the dvd =) Lots of good info
Be Happy, Love Life.
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thoughts are things

thoughts are forces

thoughts are energy

energy is magnetic

energies attract other similar energies of similar magnetics

thoughts attract things

thought correlates with its object and it manifests into being


creative energies are what visionaries put into action

yes, I believe the same principle law applies to everything

the law of gravity and the law of growth also play a part....these laws rest on each other

things reproduce after themselves ....sub-divide and sub-divide...eventually becoming 10 times its size. (which is why it written and taught to give and you will receive tenfold) Just plant a seed and watch it grow. When corn is planted we get corn. (not beans)

these laws are immutable

this is why its been written that faith is a substance.... it is a "thing" it is the evidence of things not seen.

Believe it to be and it shall be. "ask and ye shall receive" is based on the same principle

the equation reads

Be + do = have

I see only three things we can have as humans in this lifetime:

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i found this article on wikipedia really interesting about the law of attraction and the whole The Secret phenomenon. esp the balanced critiques.
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attraction, law, quotes, spirituality

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