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Originally Posted by indigo
I thought I was dreaming until I woke up!!
That's funny Indigo.....

The other day I dreamed that I was dreaming, and didn't realize I was asleep until I woke up (because I thought I was thinking about dreaming).
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body ~ mind ~ spirit
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words are like footprints in the sand ... they are where your mind has been

life ... get into it ... not out of it

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Falling off the turnip truck will make a vegetable out of you.
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Big Idiot Man Child
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don't handle hot peppers then go scratchin your privates
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I don't know why I'm thanking you when it's too late.

Which reminds me -

"Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it"
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Falling in love is effortless...staying in love takes effort
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When you're a little fish, the big fish in a small pond is big indeed!!!
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Originally Posted by Peter
"Pain. How can something so silent hurt so loud."
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I never knew you were a drunk til I saw you sober

not exactly mine either but I like it!
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