Belief Change...

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Belief Change...

I was at lunch and I was trying to work out how to explain how I change my beliefs, so they help me instead of cause me grief. And it just: looking at evidence, fitting the belief to portray the evidence, and trying to follow my actions through.

I had this one sneek in at lunch, and using the technique above its been obliterated: my life is going nowhere. So, in my mind, I scanned the evidence, I really, really looked. And the belief changed to: my life is moving forward, and even if its not, its okay. I am okay.

And that technique, which I practice a couple a times a day when annoying beliefs come up, provides the emotional relief.

Hope that helps someone. Its classic CBT.

(And if my life, as it sometimes does, stalls - then I find a quick three year or five year plan just the remedy).

Thanks for listening, peace 5
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Countering negative thinking is a valid tool towards accepting reality and moving our lives where we want them to go.
Good share; thanks!

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Yes History. Evidence is often my best friend. Trying to find the root of my fear, and then really looking at the evidence. I dont think I have been truly, deeply, down in the dumps since I have learnt CBT.
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