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That this is hear. I love you all. And I love humanity.

I really, really do. Although I am an argumentative, annoying idiot at times, I just want what is best for us all.
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Your Stone Roses avatar is a redeeming aspect. It buys you a lot of tolerance...
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Hear Hear. I think we all thrive on debate. Inquiring minds want to know! And through open discussion we figure things out. There's so much I don't know.
Getting back to the point...
Originally Posted by Five
, I just want what is best for us all.
Open discussion about organization of MIND. Yes, I have some thinking to do, having been here reading and writing most of this day. Hopeful to see some new IDEAS posted here...or perhaps insights/ responses into some of the "older" threads...there's so much already begun...
Now calling the dogs, we're going to the creek. It's hot as hell out there again today.
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((((Five))) Right back at ya.
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Question Everything

I must agree with you all.

I am not one to fit into specific "rules" or "patterns" of behavior or "beliefs" within one singular "group." I tend to always have more to ask, more that I need to understand. I simply cannot just go along with something when I don't understand all the aspects of the specific "belief system."

This reminds me of my very first semester at college. I was put in a general education class, Ancient Philosophy. My professor was an open Athiest, but never once did he influence us about his choices. The first thing I remember learning in that class was to "Question Everything."

Growing up, I think I took a lot for what it was and did what I was told. But we are adults here, and there are so many questions and possibilities out there!

I truly look forward to this forum. Thanks for the hint fom a friend! So far, there's great communication going on.

Take care everyone,
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Originally Posted by Five
Although I am an argumentative, annoying idiot at times.....
Goodness gracious - I can relate to this so much. It's one of the few things I'm consistently good at.
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