A Festivis for the rest of us!

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Be of sober mind
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A Festivis for the rest of us!

Happy Holidays secular peeps!

Gotta say the second abstinent Christmas has been a lot more enjoyable from the last when my AV was still making such a big deal over not getting ITs drink on. I'm happy and content in a way I've never been and I appreciate it so much more having been through it. Life's good, and I hope everyone else here in this little corner of the internet is doing well too.

Cheers to a sober happy 2019

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May Your airing of grievances by fruitful !
(and Merry Christmas for the fun and joyous stuff )
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These Holidays have become pleasant-enough times to slog through, and even manage to enjoy aspects of it all.-) The Sine Wave of ups/downs wrought by all the Holiday kerfuffle has mellowed. 'Tis nice to be serenely Sober, and just let it all flow around me.

A fine 2019 is wished to all here!

~ 'Redemption' ~ Joe Bonamassa ~
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Happy Holidays, secular friends!

Since I don't celebrate what doesn't make sense to me I just enjoy extra days of relaxing and savouring the present moment.

It feels genuinely good to craft my own way around the holidays.
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Happy New Year 2019 everyone!!

I had a good holiday season myself. I worked at the shelter on Christmas eve and New Year's eve so we had a daytime celebration with good food and presents.
We actually set up a Christmas tree for the cat >^..^<

Six years ago was my last New year's day being hungover and I certainly don't miss it.

Anyway, wishing everyone a wonderful peaceful, healthy and prosperous 2019
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One more year I made it through the Holiday season.
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