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Not all better, getting better
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Old Threads

I went back an read all of the old threads I started over the years, They brought tears to my eyes more than once. Not so much from what I posted, though a lot of it was pretty raw and emotional, but from the fact that every single reply I received was nothing but love and helpful suggestions. It didn't matter how drunk and incoherent I was, the love was always there,

I am not a person who accepts love, I don't deserve it. (at least that is how I feel) but the outpouring of love and personal concern from people who do not know me at all was...I really don't have the words to describe it,

For what it matters, I am still "in the wind". I go to see my son on the 16th, so will definitely have my act together. I always pull it together when he is around. We are going to the Thursday night double feature of Deadpool and Deadpool2 I can think of no better father son bonding.

The RR book is coming next week. I am interested to learn more about "The Big Plan" It sounds completely impossible to me, but at the same time incredibly empowering if I can somehow find a way to make it work in my life.

I'm going to be ok, not going off the deep end too much, Hopefully next time we talk I'll have a little time under my belt.

Thanks so much for all the love ans support you have provided over the years. It has meant so much to me!! Take care
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I hope you come 'In from the wind' soon, man

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You're one of the few active members here who have been around longer than me! I'm never quite sure how to feel about my old-timer status, since I've certainly not been sober all those years.

So far I've not had the courage to go back and re-read my old posts, knowing that many of them were very sad and pathetic and filled with emotional pain. But I agree: never in my drunkest ramblings have I ever been shamed or slammed by anyone here, and I can't say enough good things about this forum.

I guess I appreciate the technology that curates all those old messages, as they would be potent fuel against any AV thoughts that might actually spur me into considering a drink.

I look forward to visiting this area again after you've read Trimpey and made your Big Plan. I sometimes forget about this little corner of SR! It's a good place...
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Thinking of you
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