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Hi my name is Anjali. I was just diagnosed with high functioning autism. I got sober on 04/06/2013 in AA. I left because it wasnít a healthy environment and I was being abused by my sponsors I had. Also almost got 13th stepped by an old timer woman. Now my life is better I have great doctors and friends and a support group and a therapist to deal with my trauma. I donít feel like abusing alcohol anymore even when things get tough. I am going back to university in August to get a degree in biology. I was just wondering for those of you that donít go to meetings at all what do you do to continue not to abuse alcohol?
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Hi Anjali, welcome to secular connections! Good to have you here with us.

The only thing I do to continue to not abuse alcohol is to never drink it. Like you, I see a counselor when and if I need to to work on my self development and talk about my past. I don't need to see her in order to abstain, I see her because I want to heal from my past and be the best person I can be.

But as far as drinking goes, I made a decision to quit and then I never let anything talk me out of it, including my Addictive Voice. Do you know much about AVRT?
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Hi Anjali and welcome.
The best advice I can give you is read this:

Then join us on secular connections with any questions or guidance.
Hope to hear from you.
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I lost the desire to drink years ago, why would I want to wreck my life with a drug that nearly ruined and killed me? Really, I found over time that I just have no interest in going there anymore. I do keep a toehold in recovery, checking and posting here occasionally, checking in to a chat room, maintaining a recovery website, going to one kinda-monthly meeting just to yak about all kinds of things but almost never about alcohol, and going to a drop-in outpatient group maybe 2-3 times a year. Just a very low-level involvement, out of desire rather than any perceived "need".
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Hi Anjali ~


To understand your situation better, may I ask these questions:

1. What is working for you in your present Recovery Program?

2. What is not working for you in your present Recovery Program?

3. What would you want to change, and why?

Thank you...
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You are most welcome here, Anjali. You will find a lot of support here for you on your journey.

What do I do to continue not abusing alcohol? I don’t really do anything, in fact that’s really the point. Alcohol won’t drink itself, and I have decided to be in control of my choices and my actions.

I do things that non-drinkers do, I guess. I am learning new things, new challenges, even rekindled some old hobbies that had fallen by the wayside to enable more drinking. I am letting my life squeeze out the place I had reserved for alcohol, and when I quit, it had become almost the whole thing.

What is it that makes your life full and gives it meaning, Anjali? Answer that question, and then go do that.
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