AV was chirping up a storm today!!

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AV was chirping up a storm today!!

I worked in the yard ALL day. I have a large yard with tons of large shrubs and a few trees that needed trimmed. I have a 7x12 trailer that is FULL of trimmings and I'm not done yet. I had planned to spend tonight eating a healthy dinner and binging on netflix for a few hours before calling it a night. My kids are @ camp so I am trying to get stuff done around here that has desperately needed done.

As I was calling it quits outside for the day IT became strong, very strong. I remembered everything that I have read in my RR book, played the tape through, thought of all of the work that "I" (not IT) has to do tomorrow to get this yard looking good before the impending rains friday. I was able to separate ME from IT and told IT to go to He((! Lol. Wouldn't you know it, 20 minutes later as I'm putting everything away IT shut up!

This may not be the right way to do AVRT, but it worked! I think it was a combo of urge surfing, playing it through with all that I have coming up, feeling so much better and not wanting to feel awful tomorrow and prayer. Any pointers as to what I may need to add to my arsenal??

After a much needed shower, I'm here posting on SR, getting ready for dinner by myself and trying to figure out what I want to watch on Netflix. Any Netflix rec's? Lol? I loved Wentworth, OINB and This is Us.

Thanks so much SR!! Whoop Whoop! I think this is one of the LOUDEST that I've heard IT!!
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I really enjoyed 13 Reasons Why. I'm not in the target audience for that show. I'm 40 something, hate teen angst, RomComs etc but the characters are what drew me into that show.
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Originally Posted by shockozulu View Post
I really enjoyed 13 Reasons Why. I'm not in the target audience for that show. I'm 40 something, hate teen angst, RomComs etc but the characters are what drew me into that show.
I forgot to add that to the ones I've seen! I ended up going "old school" on Netflix and am watching House of Cards.
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It's great that that your eclectic approach worked!

A couple of points you could add to your arsenal are that with AVRT there's no need to play the tape through. After all, if you're never going to drink again, what's the point?

Also, making a Big Plan frees you from having to think up reasons, such as needing to clear your yard, not to drink. This simplifies life and means you'll never be in the position of not being able to think up a good enough reason in time. Making the decision once and for all to never drink again and to never change your mind means that you'll naturally carry on not drinking unless you consciously decide to change your decision and, as we know, any reason that suggests you do this is AV and so wrong from the beginning.
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Yeah my AV used to really like the drinking as a reward for hard work angle. It was one of my rules that I had, I wouldn't allow myself to start drinking until I'd taken care of the important stuff so that way I wouldn't have to feel so guilty for being so irresponsible and getting blottoed. I still always felt guilty the next day though, drinking myself ill for working hard is a terrible reward, just another lie my AV told me. The BP allows us to pin point those illusions and lies that our AV's feed us. My AV is a revisionist and comes at me in new ways from time to time, IT really likes fond memories of past drinking lately. IT is a stupid thing though, poor thing doesn't understand the futility of it's attempts, IT gets shot down like a jilted lover each and every time, and I don't care, I enjoy starving IT. I'm completely ruthless about it. I'm normally a very kind person, but when it comes to my Beast, I'm a sadistic b!tch. My booze Beast will never get control of me again, I will never give in, not one inch, my resolve is 100%. Allowing IT to run the show was killing me, my body was literally begging me to stop, I was having a number of health problems and I'm in my 30's. Since I quit 5 months ago all those health problems are gone. And then there's my mental health, my cognitive abilities, I was seriously damaging my brain. The transformation I've experienced from giving up drinking has been incredible. I will never listen to that LIAR in my head again. I gave that voice way too much power over me for way too long not knowing that IT's power was all an illusion, IT's impotent, feeble, IT's desires are meaningless.
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