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Hi everyone!

Having a place to post and to get support without being pushed toward AA/NA without most of the posters only seeing AA/NA has the answer and the only way to create a strong and lasting recovery.

The first step I did when I was ready to get sober was finding a doctor whom I trusted where the practice has not only a doctor specializes but a psychiatrist that specializes In addiction as well as a substance abuse counselor. My doctor was able to help me get as healthy physically as possible (recommending a diet to get physically healthy as well as one that helps with mental health. The psychiatrist gave me a full psychological evaluation which revealed I have Bipolar type 2, anxiety, and treatment resistant depression. Addressing underlying mental health issues and getting on the proper medicines for my mental health disorders was a life changer which made recovery easer by addressing the underlying mental health issues since I have found not addressing those first makes creating a long term solid recovery. My subsatance abuse counselor gave me a safe place to speak about my feelings and past decisions which helped me move forward, to address past decisions, as well as things to implement into my life to help me move forward and help me make a plan that was specialized for me and only me. Since all three of them are in the same office each look at the whole picture and to tweak things that anything one or the other identify anything that might need to be worked on which I have found to be a game changer.

Trial and error made on what I feel I need to work on and provides me with the whole picture and a way to create the future that I have always wanted.

I also do not count days. This is a lifestyle change and I feel like why would I count days when this is the permanent life change for the rest of my life. I am not going to count days because this is a way of living and bettering for m entire life- it is not temporary . I did make a note when I hit 6 months and when I hit one year. I might take note when I hit two years but am not sure if I will feel it is necessary.

I guess what I am saying is that there are millions of ways that people find they need to adopt and do to move forward. I don't need a meetings for the rest of my life, I need to become the person I want to be and work to better myself to make myself healthy which is what most people do not just addicts. While I was an addict, I am also Adeline and I refuse to limit my identity because of my past.

I hope any newcomers that might read this realize that they do not need to stick to a certain recovery program but to do what you feel will help you move forward.

I hope everyone is having a good day! NEVER forget who you are as a person and do please do not limit yourself to just what society says you need to do to create a strong and lasting recovery.
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