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At a website dedicated to hiking and the outdoors someone wrote about the "Rule of Threes". He said you can live three weeks without food, three days without water, three minutes without air and three seconds without hope. Obviously that last one is a bit of exaggeration but it's a great point!

Hope is so important to humans. Why keep slogging on putting one foot in front of the other without hope? And hope can be many things. The hope for a better future, hope for your children or their children, hope for the world.

Here at SR we kind of specialize in hope! So to everyone reading this, know that there is always hope. No matter how many times you tried and failed to quit, you still can succeed! No matter how sick and broken down you are from booze, there's still hope of making things better. Even in the face of terminal illness there's hope, even if it's just hope of making something of the time you have left.

Alcoholism and addiction has so many faces; there are many stories of addiction. Yours might seem to be the worst in the world, so bad you can't share it, so bad that no one could understand. But almost certainly someone else's story is even worse! And no matter how hopeless you feel you life has become someone has probably overcome worse and survived.

No matter what you might think now, never feel like you have no hope.
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Nice post Myth. Thanks.
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This morning I woke up, went to work and weighed out my fantasies of offing myself or to stay with the ones who love me. I do believe that the universe has a good idea for me and today I saw that. I am truly grateful. This weeks goals, commit 1 hour/day to SR
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Beautiful, beautiful thread. One I really needed to read this morning! Present, awake and full of hope today!
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Hello MythOfSysyphus, just wanted to say that reading your Hope thread last week, caused me to embark upon much soul searching.

What you wrote was wonderful. You gave me HOPE when I was at a particularly low point on this journey. That hope became a catalyst to take the action that my instinct knew was right, despite the fears and trepidation.

Thank you
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That's awesome, Tatsy! Not everything goes the way we want it to, but if we hang in there and keep fighting there's very often a silver lining to be had.
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Been a while MoS - nice to see an inspiring thread started by you.
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Sometimes just that glimmer of hope is enough to keep me reaching forwards to the light and keep seeking my way out of the darkness.
Hope is embrace for my soul.
Hope nourishes my heart and feeds my love for life.
Hope for....
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Thank you!!
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