Graduating rehab tonight

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Graduating rehab tonight

Hello. Just finishing up my first stint in Intensive Outpatient Program (and believe it will be the last (sober 32 days!)). Before going from a binge drinker to a full blown daily drinker, I had been trying AA but it clearly was not for me. IOP has been good because I got to see different sides of people -- we played games -- had interaction and talked about issues other than just alcohol.

I don't know what to do after this. The only programs I'm aware of around my area are AA and I really have a tough time with AA. I'm a seriously hard core introvert and highly sensitive person so after an hour of hearing everyone else's issues I don't feel better or less lonely. I feel drained and more tired.

I don't know what to do after this. I am happy alcohol is out of my life -- but the loneliness is still going to be there and I'm just unsure of how to find a social outlet to keep me engaged but not drained.

Sorry that this is a very specific problem. Any advice on continuing care?
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Hi kd,

6 months clean here. I use SR almost exclusively from a people standpoint.

But, I have a ton of faith in God. I pray all the time. Just prayed for you.

My AA experience seems a bit clicky and secretive. I still plan to go back now and again. I need some relationships outside of SR that are focused on staying clean.

Normies and practicing drunks do not want to talk recovery or abstinence support. It is uncomfortable for them.

Hope this helps.
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You might also check out SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety, or LifeRing - all of which have meetings (but not nearly as common as AA). You can also look into Rational Recovery which has no meetings at all. I like RR because it is the "cleanest" of the approaches and strips away everything but the need to not drink. If you're religious, a few churches have Celebrate Recovery meetings. Other than that, hang out here and chat as needed.
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Congratulations! I look back at my IOP days (2 months of all-day/5-days a week for me, it was pretty intensive) as fun and rewarding, and leaving that program left a hole for me. I filled the time part of the hole by going back to work after having been off on disability, and I filled the recovery part of the hole with a new less-intensive program.

Do you have options for an aftercare program, usually fewer days and less time per week? That might be the best option, if you've liked your IOP, and it might even involve some of the same people. It's fun to go through the phases with people you know, who are going through the same process too.

There are lots of options for non-AA support groups, though face to face depends where you are. There's a lot here at this forum to start with, and SMART might be the most widely available non-12-step alternative. Other options include SOS, Lifering, AA agnostica, Celebrate Recovery, WFS, Freestyle Recovery, Refuge Recovery, many more. All or most of these have online support as well as face to face. You can look around and use all of them if you like.
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Women for Sobriety has a forum (as well as online and face-to-face meetings).

SMART, Refuge Recovery, and LifeRing also have online meetings. (and some f2f meetings)

I can understand wanting a f2f meeting. I like the social aspect of f2f meetings. For years, I had not been able to find meetings that really fit for me. But recently I found a Refuge Recovery group and a few women's AA groups that are good. I have also had better luck with meditation AA groups (where there is 20 minutes of silent meditation before people share).
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Hi Katarina, not everyone goes to AA. I used SR as my community and even 3+ years later I still check in daily. It's reinforced my sobriety.

You could treat loneliness as a separate issue. Any type or club or organisation would help, but as a fellow introvert I prefer clubs where everyone is doing something, like hiking, planting trees and so on.
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