We all have our stories

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We all have our stories

How often do we really listen to one another, maybe not as much as we think.

I don't know how often others feel this way, and one of the purposes of this thread is to find out.

One of the things that interests me in conversation with others is the "Raw data" of our experiences, when we think we have found a way or we adopt certain perspectives, scientific, physiological and spiritual it seems our stories change to suit those newly acquired principles, there is a kind of filtering process where we see the things in the landscape of our past that match or support the "program" we follow, and set aside other things. With a bit of time under our belts we share our stuff, we amplify the points that match our message and turn the volume down on things that don't.

I was reflecting on another thread I was posting and realized its often the stories behind the stories that have value, There is a kind of realness to that stuff, we don't have to be frightened to say at times in our past we enjoyed (or at least didn't need to demonize) our Drugs of Choice, we don't have to script a Good/Bad dogma around it, the benefit for me at least in sobriety being real in this way is it undoes the shackles of having live up to exaggerated stories (often stories based on hope, false confidence with no good evidence).
I maybe alone in this perspective, its certainly not spoken about in public forums or that much. I would love to hear others points of views on this.
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It's hard not to get sucked into a before and after story as one extreme is replaced with another. I bet if we could see ourselves of the past, our progress would be less clear. Maybe we're actually more bent out of shape and avoidant today than we ever were.

Instead of shaping a rousing before and after tale, or pushing dogma, clarity and simple honest connection should be the goal. We are so bound by petty social dogmas and gestalt narratives.
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