Who has used SMART?

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Who has used SMART?

I am a research queen with everything in my life so it would only make sense that I would research all of the avenues to help me quit drinking. :-) I honestly don't think that AA is for me. I mean it might help but I don't think I will stick with it. I'm not a group person. I'm very into self-help and self-improvement. When I came across SMART Recovery I was like WOW this is me! Worksheets to really make you think. I need to find other ways to cope with the reasons that I thought made me drink. I just ordered the SMART book and can hopefully start that today. My kids are still on holiday break so it's a little chaotic here but I may need to do something. I'm on day 4 of no drinking and I am ridiculously irritable this morning. I looked at AVRT and that definitely looks interesting but I'm drawn to SMART more. I'm just curious what people thought of SMART. Did it help? Should I do both SMART and the crash course in AVRT?
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I tried SMART and I thought the tools were basically good (rooted in CBT), but the online forum I found strange. I never tried the F2F or online meetings. I think it can be a great place to find sobriety, but I personally got wrapped up in the belief that the tools would "deliver me" to sobriety. The tools provided useful insights and some motivation, but it was never enough to not pick up a drink, for me.

AVRT is a tool which can be used with any program.
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Read somewhere SMART is an offshoot of RR. For me just reading the crash course and one person's testimony (Freshstart57) and something clicked. I'm not a meeting person either. Went to one the other day and wanted to say AV like 4 times but refrained. I knew it would not be too well received for lack of being AA Approved. For me AVRT is really enough for addressing any stupid thoughts promoting drinking, coupled with the open caring dialogue here is enough of a "program". Everything else is just life
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I used SMART (the worksheets, tools, online meetings) back around 2003. They helped me at that time. I have used a few of the tools since then as well. I wouldn't say SMART was a big part of my final recovery but it certainly laid some initial groundwork for me.
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You could try reading a book called "Powerless No Longer" by Peter Soderman. This is an excellent book part Auto biography and part informative from a guy who primarily uses SMART recovery. In some ways this book challenges the Myths and Dogma found throughout all sorts of recovery programs, and CBT tools to help cut through irrational thoughts. I personally appreciate the SMART model of recovery, but am less convinced by the program and group therapy idea, there is always a danger as in any set program of recovery of exaggerated claims and more often than not what works comes down to subjective not objective truth.
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I never though I could do AA.

The god thing - for one. Wasn't into it - at all.

And sitting around talking to a bunch of wierdos? Pffft. Not up my alley. I'm an introvert.

I got desperate enough that I was willing to try it anyways.

I found an amazing face to face support group, good friends, people to cry with, laugh with, have sober fun with. The 12 steps are slowly but surely changing my life. I found a Higher Power that is my OWN concept - nobody elses. (Something more in line with - "good orderly direction - G.O.D).

It's saving my life one day at a time.

It's not for everyone but I encourage you to keep an open mind It's gotten hundreds of thousands of alcoholics sober. You might be suprised with what you find.

Good luck to ya!
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That is awesome that you are feeling and doing better with your decision. What I found liberating was the idea that I could give it up once and done, and then live my life one day at a time. It is a mindset that can be incorporated into any program. Decide to quit , decide to stick to your guns come hell or highwater and get on with the business of living your life unencumbered by addiction.
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I've gone to a few SMART meetings and used some of their tools. I like it. I also did the AVRT crash course and use parts of AVRT. (I think SMART and RR used to be the same.)
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