Not sure where I belong

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Not sure where I belong

Hello all,
I'm not sure where to go/what to do.

I know from experience that I can't do AA because of the higher power thing, but I'm not sure if this is the right place either.

I've been sober for four days and really want to not relapse this time. I found SR yesterday while doing an internet search to see if my itchiness was related to detoxing from five straight days of drinking (probably).

It feels great to have this resource, I'm just not sure about the main forum cuz I got mixed messages when I posted there about not wanting to go to AA meetings.

Anybody have any suggestions? I just have a need to support and be supported through this difficult time.
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Hi there,

I am also newly sober, and also found the main forum and aa routes not a good fit, so after a few days I found myself here.

It was suggested to me to look at AVRT, there is plenty of information in the stickies.

There is a 'crash course' that was suggested to me on which I found useful, you might also.

Welcome, and well done.
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Hey, I'm 9 days sober and yeah, also couldn't do AA. I've never been but the whole higher power thing is a major turnoff. It just seems too much like people trying to imbue their lives with meaning. All I know is that my life when I'm sober is way better than when I'm drinking. I don't want to stop drinking. All my friends drink but I just can't keep doing it. My creativity and productivity goes up when I'm sober. The problem is I have no desire to socialize at all when I'm sober. But yeah, I'm down to chat whenever you want. The one thing I really would like AA for is the social aspect but I know I would just get so sick of the higher power thing.
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Thanks, both of you.

Exegesis, I feel the same way about socializing sober. I find myself looking at the clock for excuses to go home. Plus they're usually drinking, and then I can see their behavior change, and that can get annoying.

But AA meetings annoy me too.

Here's a thought - maybe I'm just annoyed in general cuz I haven't had a drink in almost five days.

I'm not sure how to chat here. This time of day doesn't seem too popular, perhaps a chat room?

Anyway, I'm glad you answered, I don't feel quite so alone.
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Hi guys - if you're interested in non 12 step recovery this is definitely the forum for discussing secular alternatives like SMART, LifeRing, Rational Recovery and others.

discussions about AA and 12 step are off limits in this Secular Connections forum

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This forum is a great place for alternatives. Read around for a while, there's some great info available here.

If you're looking for face-to-face support in a non-12-step format, check these out:

Three Meetings in Hawaii - LifeRing

SMART Recovery® - Meetings
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