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Hey Eveyone

It's a quick update, not been skulking the forums for a few weeks....been to busy, not sure how that happened😎

6 weeks in now, no specifically using AVRT, so far haven't really had any crisis, although saying that, have managed to separate out the rationalisations for drinking.

Thanks to all on the advice about getting the books, I got them...but haven't read them, like many of you said, the first free course was enough to open my eyes.

I have been out socialising with friends who drink, and although the first time was challenging, I have told a few people that I no longer drink, and that they need to respect that, and they have (touchingly) been really supportive - even to the point when I bought alcohol free beer, a friend saw and came over (not realising it was alcohol free) and challenged me...which was great.

I've picked up hobbies that I haven't done in years, already got my safety cert for climbing again, which is great, especially now is I'm involving my eldest son.

I've generally found that I have more of my time to give to my family, and that for the first time in forever, I'm able and happy to give that time, without watching the clock to see if it would be acceptable to have that first drink on a Sunday at 12 noon(for example)

I am feeling capable and stubborn.


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That's awesome, Cokie! Funny, I always did that too- kept an eye on the clock and waited until it would be "okay to drink." The real keys to the kingdom in AVRT are must making the Big Plan and recognizing that voice in your head as being Beast activity. Anything that tells you that "you're doing so well you can't really have a problem, so have a few" is the Beast!

Glad you posted an update. So often we hear of the problems and never know if the poster solved them or just kept drinking. Good to hear some success stories now and then!
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That's great news Cokie. I'm only on a couple of weeks so far and want to continue not drinking, you're an inspiration like many others in the forums.
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Great job Steve!!
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Very well done, Steve. Congratulations to you on your decision to quit drinking. Feeling capable and stubborn is an excellent way to describe the attitudes that predict success. I believe that feeling confident in your ability to remain sober is the way forward, not twisting that hankie about 'what ifs'. It is only when we allow that voice of addiction to place doubts in our mind that we lose this feeling of determination.

I hope you keep posting - it is very encouraging for everyone to read another success story.
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