Waking Up

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Waking Up

A new book has just come out and I just downloaded the Audio version (Most of my books are Audio) called 'Waking Up' By Sam Harris.
I have been looking forward to this one.
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I'd be interested to hear what you think about it once you've listened to it. I'm not familiar with it but will check it out online.
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Hope it's a good one
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I finished my book and overall it was a Good Read. The middle got a bit slow but I usually find this in these kind of books however I will pick up the detail on my second and third listen.
The whole idea of the book is showing that one can have an experience based on practice (mindfulness) that wakes us up to certain realities including the main idea that we are NOT a separate self (a mind behind the brain, inner self, soul, better self, or the "I"). This I imagine will be a challenge for many people in 'recovery' from traditional 12 steps to RR, which have underlying ideas of Dualism ( better selves that lie underneath the dysfunctional).
That Well being and a certain steady happiness can be found in seeing past the delusion of separate self, that one can actually have spiritual experiences that cut through the mish mash of thoughts and emotions that seem to Run our actions an re-actions and don't require anything supernatural as an explanation.
I must say I am biased slightly in reading this book, as I have been practicing my own recovery in this way for several years, so the detail was nothing really new, BUT the thing I do learn from books like this is 'communication style' Sam Harris is one of the best communicators I have read and focus's on being a conversation starter with these subjects, He doesn't hold back his opinions but at the same time (at least for me) he poses questions that really encourage me to find out for myself.
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