Day 4.

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Day 4.

Starting to feel better. My hands have stopped shaking, but I feel absolutely exhausted. Just wiped out. I have to say it's nice to get some sober sleep though. I've been having some CRAZY dreams. Last night I had a dream my wife (who is a vegetarian) was cooking whole brains on a skillet and showing me how she could flip them in the pan with one hand. Weird. Hopefully I'm through the worst of it. I guess the hard part is yet to come; maintaining vigilance. That has me scared, but I'm trying to remind myself to just get through one day at a time, and not worry about the future right now.
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4 days is FANTASTIC! It was around that time for me too that I started sleeping soundly again. Imagine, falling asleep easily and sleeping without that 3 am anxiety attack, and waking feeling rested.

You can believe that the physical part of withdrawal is behind you, and for me that was the most difficult part. I slowly moved from the shakes and jitters to a new confidence and pride in myself. I was doing this! I was cautious about making this new life as easy and simple as possible regarding alcohol, but I was never afraid of it. I set my confidence level all the way to 11 - I was going to succeed no matter what. Failure simply could not be an option.

You can open this door to your new life all the way, and walk through into the fresh air and light. You can do it. You can be free of addiction now for good.
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Feeling better physically should help. Congrats on 4 days. Keep it going!
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I'm late to this you doing Carbonite?
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Sounds like you're off to a great start!
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