New to SR & AVRT... Going good

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Talking New to SR & AVRT... Going good

"I will never, ever, attend another meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous or any other recovery group organization, nor will I obtain professional services of any kind, for the purpose of ending my addiction."

I will never again drink alcohol.
I have no desire to drink alcohol and I'm quite happy brainwashing myself into the 'good life'

I'm back on my life path and I like the look of straight ahead at the roundabout... There's sunshine, countryside & love that direction for me.

Signature shortly to be amended...
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HI CelticZ, welcome aboard, it's great that you've found us. I hope you continue to post and share your experiences and point of view. Onward!
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Good to have you aboard, CelticZebra!
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Really pleased to finally be getting my head straight, my relationships within my birth family are so much better already, my bond with my only daughter is getting stronger again everyday & I am still learning where the future with my step-children will lead us but I am trying to give them the tools to help themselves to changing their own behaviours... I sat the kids down yesterday and told them I'm back!! (In my head:"the B*#ch is back!" Lol)
I've been a bit of a 'fix everybody else' so I didn't have to look too deep at myself (blame? Circumstances & lack of inwards looking)
Loving being on the wagon, heading for sunny days with fun& laughter.
Trying to keep the good bits of my 'old life' and replace the bad habits (addictions) with coping skills & creativity, distractions & positivity.
Feeling pretty good being me again... Thanks for listening

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So interesting finding this almost a year later.... Although that has been the plan, it was a nice 'refresher' of my thoughts back then....

feeling strong again after a week + of having to deal with 'behaviours' and getting thoroughly stressed out, had loads of AV telling me all sorts of nonsense about how using would relieve stress!!

Hence why I came back here... So glad to find I am stronger and getting better at lots of things now I've been awhile off the demon others call alcohol.

I've learnt loads about myself, realised that I'm starting to like myself when I make good choices about my life and the things I do and want to do, I'm regaining my ambitions too.... I'm very excited but I am also very wary of getting stressed out and I've still yet to find any sensible way of relaxing or relieving tensions while in the midst of chaos.

I know I don't like drama and I do enjoy the quiet life.

It's like a kind of nostalgia for my youth and the fact that I missed out on so much because of my choices and addictions (I was addicted to amphetamines for 4 years until I had a psychotic breakdown at 22) as well as my longstanding relationship with A

Alcohol was my first love, it used to make me feel good, like I fitted in, it tasted good, it was all good....

Obviously not, that'll be my AV again

Seems I could do more work on me again, my first love.....


Inner Child work time methinks

Driving my wagon of hope through beautiful views on my road to myself
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Welcome back, CelticZebra.
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