Facing Death Sober

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Facing Death Sober

My parent's dog is to be euthanized today. I bred her. She is/was one of the nicest, sweetest dogs that came out of my breeding program. She is 10.5 years old and today her backend gave out. I was fortunate to see her 5 days ago when my family came through for a visit (they live 3000 kms away). I knew then that she had limited time and I was able to say goodbye to her.

The day is not over yet and her euthanasia is scheduled for 4 pm today. I've never faced a death before sober. I've always reached for the comfort of a drink to wash away the pain.

For Lady's memory I am determined to remember her sober.
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I know how hard it is but you're doing a great thing by doing it sober.
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this might sound strange, Genie, but grief is better sober.
what i mean is that it's "just" grief then, not clouded by your self-disgust or shame or hangover or any yucky stuff.
grief, pure.
so to speak.

you can do this.
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So sorry, Genie, for what you are going through. I have lost many close pets whom I truly loved more than some of my human family. Being new to abstinence I can't say I have a lot of answer others than intellectually I know it is best to face the pain and let it pass through us rather than try and medicate it. My thoughts are with you...
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