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Originally Posted by bigsombrero View Post
Geez man, I was just browsing the Men's forum and I saw that picture you posted - the one of the Hand Awl, I think? Man you were a happy guy. It was always encouraging to read your posts...gotta say these last ones are pretty depressing.
I was not browsing the mens but, am in full agreement with the difference between posts a week or so ago versus posts now. Night and Day as my mom always says...

Also, I can tell you love your family very much. This is solely my opinion and personal experience but, a few months ago I was similar to you in thinking. Amazing BF of 6 years, wonderful daughter and me a drunk. Truth is I didn't want to quit drinking and when the choice came down to a drink or time with them... the drink won. I didnt love them ENOUGH. I didnt love anything more than alcohol. I justified it differently but truth is I was selfish and wanted a drink more than anything else. I paid a high personal price for my drinking. Alot of the things Soberlicious talks about so I will not repeat them all (besides you know what drinking costs you). So...

Point is this, If you are not motivated to stay sober... well, stay drunk. It's no ones choice but, yours. Maybe your wife can put up with it. My BF did for years and so did my child. They resented me and no one was "happy happy" but, they stuck around. Now everyone is "happy happy" me included and it is just a nicer way to live... for me.

This sucks Non but, it is your choice. You already know (I hope) how much you helped me in the past and I am sure you have helped lots of others as well. Now you have to choose to help yourself.
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