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I also suffered from HTN...mostly caused by gaining 40 lbs over the last 5 years due to drinking 8-10 glasses of wine every night.

throw some menopause into the mix and it was a nightmare, complete with hair loss, it practically jumped off my head.

2 years later....HTN is "almost normal",I'm on a very low does of meds, menopause symptoms under control and off of HRT, weight loss of 27 lbs, that puffy marshmellow shiney red face is gone.

walking is great for your BP, try to get in 30 mins...i figure it is good for both me and the dog. I do low sodium and managed to lose 6 lbs in 2 months...the trick is to find tasty herbs, i love salt too, but have found some good alternatives.

I have a BP wrist cuff that is pretty accurate.
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Mostly good news

Just got back from the doctors and the good news is that all my blood work is within normal ranges, including my liver enzymes, and my cholesterol is extremely low (doc says he's never seen such a low number). It's probably due to all those antioxidants I got from the wine ;-p

My BP is still high, but lower than last week, so my doc is happy about that (and so am I). I bought myself a BP monitor and my goal is to get back to normal. I see my doc again in a month.

I figure my BP was a bit elevated because I was anxious.

Long weekend here, so I have loads of yard work to take care of. Lots to keep me busy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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This is weird?

I tried out my new blood pressure monitor. It will take 3 readings in 3 minutes and then average them out. It gives me a reading of 126/83 with a heartbeat of 78 bpm.

But at the doc today it was 153/90.

My husband tried it and his BP was his usual.

I guess I suffer from white coat syndrome. Same thing happened 2 years ago - high BP at the doctors. Wore a 24 hour monitor and it showed a normal pressure.

At least I can monitor it daily now. I hope this monitor is correct. What a pleasant surprise. At least the health scare got me sober!
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