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51 days since I felt that numb dull fog wrap over my senses awakening to that liquor induced poisoning. It's the longest I have lived without alcohol since that dramatic change from boy to man. It's a scary yet thrilling thought to have gone through adult life so far not knowing what life truly is. Life without the bottle. Life with extended clear thinking, life with memories that last longer than a night and early morning.

It's phenomenal how few people I know have even lived life for 1 month without liquor since coming of age. It's as if a spell is cast on all, the blanket of illusion is veiled over our inspired eyes, and before too long we have forgotten that there is another world on the other side of the painting. But inside each of us there is an inkling that something is off. We've lost some sort of dance.

Upon returning to this world where life is clear, and anything is possible, a breath of jasmine scented fresh air greets you and that vague remembrance, that idea of innocence lost, is rediscovered not in a place never been, but in a place that is home to us all. And it was only the dazzling broken lights of the alcohol roller coaster that had us blinded.
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hello leolife,

good going on your 51 days , and even though i've been at this a bit longer than you, i'm not sure i know "what life truly is".
for sure it's different THIS way.
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Very poetically written, LeoLife, a pleasure to read. I hope there will be a lot more from that source. Congratulations on your choice of sobriety, too. Onward!
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Beautifully said!

I just had my first month sober since I was a teenager. Thinking of it that way makes me a little sad.
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Congrats on 51 days Leo. Excellent going.
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Well written. Congrats on your 51 days and thanks for writing this
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Great post Leo. Congrats on 51 days. Sobriety's pretty awesome, isn't it? :-)
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