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SMARTrecovery UK

Is anyone here involved with SMART UK via their website. I am keen to get involved but there are no meetings I can get to near me and I don't find their website very accessible. I can't find any forum posts and do I really need to buy a headset to participate in online meetings? I apologise if I am missing something here, I am not very computer savvy but I am sure if I was still drinking there would be no way I would get anything from their site. Maybe SR has spoiled all other internet forums for me Does anyone know how to utilise their site? Thanks in advance x
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I have no idea. I just wanted to say Hi!

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Hello HypoCon,

LifeRing has a couple F2F UK meeting also. Smart has more in UK though, so probably not likely they are near you. This is what was listed on LifeRing site anyway, just in case.

Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN1 1UD
Belfast, None BT1 2LW

I'm in USA, and haven't done SmartUK online meeting. On the US site, for the voice meetings you don't need a microphone, but you do need a working speaker. You can type in text box to “talk”, instead if you don't have microphone. As long as you have working speakers on your PC, it wouldn't hurt to just go to the SmartUK voice meeting and listen in.

If you do buy a set of headphones with microphone, the people at the meeting can generally help you with the controls and settings. Your computer should automatically recognize the headset/microphone. You do have to click a button to talk though and sometime you can accidentally mute yourself or others. That's usually the only technical difficulties you might have.

Another choice is going to text meetings on the US site. The US site has meetings everyday. They also have them at a lot of different times, so there is probably something friendly to your time zone. All evening meeting (my time zone) fill up fast. In a minute or so. I assume ones that would be better suited to your time zone, wouldn't fill as fast, but I'd still suggest to get there a few minutes early and keep clicking in, if you do try one on the US site.

LifeRing has an online meeting Saturday, that I have seen people from UK at before. I think it's 4.00pm you time.

They have online meeting here also, but not suited for your time zone, unless you work swing shift

Best of luck to you.

Take care, Todd
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Hi Received

And thanks Todd. I will check out the US site too x
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I have found the SMART recovery website difficult to navigate.
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Glad it's not just me Harvey. I think we're just blessed with SR x
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It's not just you two.

I have a whole set of SMART bookmarks as a consequence
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I participated in a SMART online meeting the other day. It was really well done, the facilitator was really on the ball which must be so hard to do when you can't see the people you're talking to and people have different names to their usernames. Well worth doing. I found it hard to follow though so would still prefer face to face meetings.

One thing I have discovered recently is that SMART UK doesn't have any literature yet. I've been after a handbook for ages with no success and apparently it's because they don't have one yet and the US won't sell theirs to the UK anymore. All the stuff is online though.
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