Long Time Training that Beast

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Long Time Training that Beast

I spent a long time training that damn beast. Now I expect it to just be quiet because I decided I don't want anything to do with it anymore? I trained it to be a pit bull, to get what it needs to be fed, regardless of any situations or distractions. But that damn beast is smarter than a dumb animal. It has resources....My Resources!

Yeah, I recognize its Voice, and I am learning the Art of recognizing the Screaming Bloody Murder voice as well as the subtle encouragement voice. I spent a long time training that beast, and allowing it to have full access to all my brains resources. That damn Beast has JUMP DRIVES! I recognize it when I am in my truck, keys in the ignition., heading for the....STOP! AVRT calls it Vertigo. I recognize it as a Jump Drive. I have to STOP! Get control of MY mind, and emphatically state...I will NOT follow through on a Jump Drive beast behavior. I do not drink, and I will never change my mind.

I believe some people are able to dissociate and dismiss their Beast AV activity quite easily. I expect that with some more time and diligence, the Beast activity will subside in me. Right now I need to keep vigilant, because that damn beast just reminded me that I can get to a liquor store on my way to work, and my boss is out of town, and...Hell No Beast, I don't drink, and I will never change my mind.
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I am right there with you, RDBplus3. I have had the vertigo several times in the past few weeks. That sensation where the beast is engaging in a full frontal assault and it seems like all other thoughts are being pushed from my head.

I have barked "NO!" out loud a few times when no one else is around. If there are other people around I find a bathroom with a mirror and use the low growl. I don't know why the mirror helps, but it does for me. I also find reciting the BP like a mantra 4 or 5 times usually shuts that beast up for a while. Then it's a few deep breaths and on about my day.

Hell No Beast, I don't drink, and I will never change my mind.
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I completely understand. Last night sitting on the couch there it was "hey screw this how great would a beer be? Glass of wine? Come on sooo worth it". Me: So not worth it". My next thought was "what the hell beast.... where ya been?" (its been quiet for a week or so).

Youre right RDB... I have trained it well.
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The beast is telling me I will feel less depressed and anxious if I have one or two drinks. I KNOW HE IS SO VERY WRONG and I will have a cup of hot chocolate and watch my DVD.
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