im done with this ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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seems the "i can't..." follows so easily from the "on saturday i couldn't..." in our crazy minds.
if this were so, none of us could. and we can!

and yeah, every time i "slipped", i was convinced for a while that i simply couldn't. that therefore i was done with all that trying. through with it.
that way, i could just sink back into drinking and leave myself alone for a while about it.

but this is crazy self-talk, and on another level i KNEW that.

and i understand the don't-beat-yourself-up message, and yeah, beating gets no good results, but i do think it's a big deal to slip. it undermines a lot of stuff.
and points to something additional/different needing to be added to what you're doing. that's an opinion, of course

hope to see you here again.
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AWE guys,,,ive only just logged on,,omg,,thank you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooo much for the replies,,you are all so darn adorable!!!! lv ya all to bits ,xxx
so,,update,,,i had a few "beers",,not vino,,,last nite,,,dont know why? dont care,,but today ,, im not gonna drink,,im back on my horse,,,and im gonna ride into the feckin sun if it kills me!!!!!
so,,,i will keep posted ,,,ive done this,,i can do this,,,,i will do this xxxxxxxxxx

lv u guys xxx
xx lv cleo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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You go girl!!xx
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Please don't quit trying. I felt the same way a few weeks ago after yet another slip. You can do this, we all can do this. Just keep on trying. You already did it for some time, so you know you can!
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with if being a requirement

Originally Posted by Cleopatra1 View Post

i was doing well,,i just cant see a light anymore,,,help??? xx
cleo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
fear not
for as long as we are still breathing
grateful for some that went back out died
we still can seek to be sober
it takes many times of going back out for many
I know because I lost count
God will help us
with if being a requirement
we seek him with all our heart

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