Omg, I get it!

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Omg, I get it!

AVRT/RR makes so much sense! I never thought addiction was a disease. How can something I chose to do be a disease? The flu is a disease, cancer is a disease. Picking up a bottle of whatever is not a disease, it's a choice!

I'm going to read the crash course again tomorrow. I like it!

I will never drink again! (I've said that before... says my AV) :rotfxko
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Cool, eh?
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An observation I have borrowed from Soberlicious...if it is a disease, then it is my 'Disease of Choice', just like my 'Drug of Choice'.

Therefore, since I am making my own decisions, and taking responsibility for my own actions, 'Abstinence' is my 'Recovery of Choice'.

Thanks for posting Nicholi .
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"A disease of choice" are actually Kevin McCauley's words, but yes, I agree!!
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I remember that same sense of relief. It is exhilarating.

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It's great, isn't it?

For me, it was like becoming lucid in the middle of a nightmare. The monster isn't real!
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The big change for me was realising the freedom from alcohol, and no longer seeing drinking as a 'better than' sobriety, in fact the opposite - that the poison keeps you way down from where you know yourself to be.. Good luck nicholi!
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