No, I didn't cave

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No, I didn't cave

...except to real life. My absence for the last four days was dealing with life.

I was a Titan.

Monday, I left my house for my parents' and an early appointment Tuesday. Got all my teeth pulled and fitted for dentures. Tuesday eve, my mom came down with the flu. And my dad with shingles. Wednesday, Thursday, and today, Friday, were spent in treatment and recovery for all of us. In the meantime helping my sister deal with a visit from her supreme business overseer.

I was a Titan.

Physical pain, stress over seeing my parents decline, even my truck seat getting stuck in the forwardmost position...didn't phase me.

I am a Titan.

Before, I would have been drunk by Wednesday. I haven't even wanted a drink. I can deal with life sober.

My mother said something today that made me proud.

"You've been stronger this week than I've ever seen you."
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awesome post

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Trachemys, you are FANTASTIC.
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Wow! Amazing! Your post really inspires me.
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I can deal with life sober.
such a great thing to find out about ourselves!
you go, Titan!
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Wow, Trachemys!!! What a Week. Congrats on your commitment to Sobriety...your commitment and the program you are working...worked for you.

There is nothing I can say, but...Good to hear from you!
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