Influence of others

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Influence of others


I've made my Big Plan on the 13th, and feel okay. Sometimes I feel "depressed" and lethargic, not really motivated to do anything, but I know it's just the Beast in me trying to make me "use" (I'm a bulimic).

But my main problem now is the "advises of others". I didn't talk about my BP around me, but this week-end for example, I had a strong argument with my father. He told me I absolutely needed to go to therapy, that I needed help, and all that stuff... Maybe he's right, but regarding to my addiction, I know now that treatment is not what I need.

So I tried to explain him I didn't needed to see anyone to recover from my addiction... And he just got mad. He told me I was "lying to myself", that I've messed up too many years with this eating disorder, that I just couldn't recover on my own, and all that stuff...

I don't know what to think anymore. I really feel I don't need to see a psychiatrist/counselor/I-don't-know-what regarding my addiction, but when people I care about tell me I HAVE to, I start doubting myself. I don't trust myself anymore, so I always need the support of people I love. But in that case, I really feel my father is wrong, so I'm lost...

Is it my Beast trying to make me avoid having a treatment, or my true self ?

Sorry for the mistakes, again... I'm french!
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I whole heartily believe AVRT can help you overcome your addiction and addictive behavior.

If you suffer from other issues or life challenges, those things may require counseling or some other type of therapy.

It is the ability to get our addiction(s) under control that help many of us begin the journey of fixing other things that need attention in our life.

For some the addiction itself was the core problem, for others the addiction was a symptom of a greater problem.

Dominorose, if you remove your bulimic problem, does your life return to a state of contentment and purpose?

If not, why? I don't know you well enough to tell if bulimia is your core issue or if it is just a symptom of other challenges you must face and overcome.
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Tammy, you're absolutely right. I re-read the end of RR yesterday and Trimpey explained we shouldn't pay attention to others advises towards recovery. It's our own problem, and we know how it works.
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I don't think Jack Trimpey is anti counselling etc... he just sees that as separate from the addiction itself. If you find that after not purging for a while that you still feel bad then maybe counselling would be an option, but you don't need to uncover the reasons you do it in order to stop doing it. Maybe encourage your dad to read the RR book so he understands how you are approaching this and maybe he'll cut you some slack x
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