Is AVRT that simple???

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Is AVRT that simple???

Hi, Is AVRT that simple. I'm reading the book at the moment. I've bounced in and out of other recovery groups for years. And have been told I'm diseased and that I can't trust my mind on anything! Didn't God give me a brain to use??? I've always bought into the idea I have a disease and I'm ill. And there's no doubt when I drink i become ill! But like AVRT says, I go back to drinking because the beast loves being drunk! But I'm red up with being told how ill I am even when I'm stone cold sober and that every problem life throws up is as a result of me being ill!!!!
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Hi Pups,

Welcome to SR!

Sure, AVRT is all about simplicity. Check out the AVRT thread and discover for yourself what others are saying:

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That is a GREAT question.
As you learn more about AVRT, you will agree it is very simple. However, I am now on the second run through the videos, and after that I will re read the books and these forums. Although simple, there are a lot of small details to master. The AV when recognised and seperated from, is all you need. (IF.... YOU.... genuinly do not want to drink any more, ever again) But to make it even easier, learning and mastering all of the techniques takes a little investment of time.

The AV voice eventually will say while borrowing the pronoun I, "But, I have been told I am ill, that there is no cure, that relaps is a part of it. IT CAN NOT BE THAT SIMPLE!!!!!" screams the AV voice.

YES it can. Yes it is.
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Recoveryism is institutionalized AV. So Pups, are you ready to make your plan about continuing to use alcohol?
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Originally Posted by Pups View Post
Hi, Is AVRT that simple.[?]

I'm [f]ed up with being told how ill I am even when I'm stone cold sober and that every problem life throws up is as a result of me being ill!!!!
I'm no Morpheus , but you may now choose to swallow the "red pill"*

Welcome - to the "put addiction AND RECOVERY behind you world"!!

*as did Neo in the Matrix.
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The craving for alcohol is a sign of health, not illness.

Have you ever had food poisoning, or a bad flu? Did you feel like drinking?

When we're truly ill our survival drives - for booze, food, sex - shut down. We have to enjoy at least a modicum of health for our appetites to surface.

And far from being powerless, we have absolute dominion over our lower or beast brain, which can't lift so much as a finger on its own.

We choose to ignore its urgings, and that's the end of the matter. It's exactly that simple.
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