Just talking out loud.....

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Just talking out loud.....

Just saw a post about the beast prowling, mine is.

I am enjoying sobreity, but the beast knows I am restless and that drinking was my hobby and filled my time. I cannot at this point find an adequate replacement for drinking, so the beast is smiling (can't see him, but sure can feel him).

I feel myself breathing very shallow, being still and thinking alot. I am having trouble concentrating at work and I'm just flat tired and bored. Can't seem to get out of the rut.

There is a song by The Killers that says;

"When there's nowhere else to run
Is there room for one more son
One more son
If you can hold on
If you can hold on, hold on"

That's what I feel like I'm doing, hanging from a ledge with the abyss below me - I'm not scared, not panicking, I'm just holding on, waiting for the beast to pounce.

Guess we'll see who blinks first.

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I think you need to work on disassociating from your beast. I see a lot of AV in your post. I see a lot of excuses that are cleverly designed to leave the door open to drinking. After all, who would deny a person their "hobby". You've tried to find another one but have had no luck - at least nothing that is "adequate".

With a more finely tuned AV detector you would see right through this stuff.
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Hi Toss: I hope this note finds you well and still sober. Please check back in and let us know how you're doing.

You wrote:

"I am enjoying sobreity, but the beast knows I am restless"
"I am having trouble concentrating at work"
"I'm just flat tired and bored."
"Can't seem to get out of the rut."
What part of sobriety are you enjoying?
What part of sobriety is your beast enjoying?
Are you really bored or is your beast telling you you're bored?

You are not your beast. Practice disassociating "it" from "you". You are a creative and intelligent person. I can decipher that about you just in your short post.

My grandfather always said, "if you're bored, you're boring!".

I can't imagine there being a boring bone in your body.

Again, check back in with us. I am fascinated by the joy I have found with AVRT and I love hearing about how it helps others.

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