been a while

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been a while

…started drinking 3 months ago (after 16 months of not drinking).
No benders, mostly just a couple of wines or beers but things are ramping up and the other night I had a whole bottle of wine (my old trick).
The next day felt sick & hungover, what a waste of a day.
Mostly tho I can see how drinking like that really triggers self loathing, minor depression and a kind of fogginess that makes me indecisive and not feel like doing anything

This forum helped me a lot when I was quitting, its interesting to see this AVRT thing. I think I remember it but never looked into it.
Its just what I needed to read and has helped me snap back to feeling like I am in control of this.
Had been trying 'not to drink' for the last couple of weeks and would give in to 'those feelings'.
Its helpful to be able to separate them out from myself and observe them as another existence. I'm like f%$& you beast!!!
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Welcome back to SR Azure

As I see it staying sober is a skill building exercise. AVRT will help you as with;
Women for Sobriety, SOS, LifeRing, SMART, CBT, Urge Surfing, DBT and AVRT (this link is to the 'google book review' that shows a lot of the current RR book)

You can stop drinking now and for good. It helps me to have overall wellness plan that reaches far beyond just not drinking. Plan to make the most of your life and just get to it .
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