How do I even do AVRT?? confused

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How do I even do AVRT?? confused

Ok so going to the website it looks like u need to goto a class in Sacremento? That is not feasible for me. Or do I read a book? Someone please explain to me how I can recover by using AVRT I know there arent meetings, etc but how does it work?
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In the Rational Recovery web site, you will find a link to a free "Crash Course on AVRT", which will give you a nice overview of AVRT. It will take you about 15 minutes to go through it. The crash course is good, and may be enough for you, but AVRT is set forth more comprehensively in the following book, which you can find on many online bookstores such as Amazon. The book is cheap, but if you can't afford a new copy, such sites usually have used copies for dirt cheap. Get yourself a copy and read it.
Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction by Jack Trimpey
There is also an ongoing discussion thread on AVRT here, which I recommend reading through from the beginning. The book is self-contained, but the discussion thread has some additional tips, and may clarify some concepts from the book.
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Jeff84, glad to have you here and asking questions. This might come as a shock and it did to me, but AVRT does not 'work', you do. You are able to do this, you just need to be told you can and shown how.

You don't need a class or anything else, just your belief in yourself. Read the links that Dalek provided, and there is a whole pantload of threads in this forum too. And keep asking questions, OK?
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Read the aforementioned book and links. You can do this.
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If you can, go into a quiet room- with your computer and go to the crash course on the website mentioned above. (Don't do it if you have been drinking or using today- you want to have a clear and open mind.) It is not hard and it is not complicated - it makes perfect sense and is very, very powerful. I can never think about alcohol the same way. I just can't. The people on this site are very wise and a wealth of knowledge and support. I would encourage you to ask questions and keep reading.
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