AVRT/Rational Recovery

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AVRT/Rational Recovery

I was just reading the AVRT crash course. I had never heard of AVRT or Rational Recovery before coming to this board.

I'm kind of shocked. About a year ago I was talking to my therapist about the possibility that I need to quit drinking, but I said that I wasn't really comfortable with the idea that the 12 step programs I know of break meetings down into the individual substances one declares themselves addicted to. I didn't fit in because I can abuse anything. I haven't been into drugs in many years, but I can abuse the internet, food, and definitely alcohol. My drive for pleasure and immediate gratification manifests itself in many ways. Declaring myself an alcoholic, to me, is like putting a band-aid on cancer.

So I told my therapist that I just really felt like I had two people inside me and that every decision I make either feeds "me" or "the addict". Every single decision, from staying up too late surfing the web, drinking, eating because I'm avoiding a feeling, sleeping all day... to making sure I have clean clothes, healthy food in the fridge, getting an oil change, cleaning my house & meditating. Wasting time or not wasting time.

Now reading the info on AVRT I feel like I totally understand it. For me it's a no-brainer... yes, that's how it is for me. Two voices inside me. I've never understood or been able to accept that addiction is a disease. I've never felt comfortable with saying I was a victim.

I also like Buddhist philosophy, which I have so much yet to learn about, but from what I've learned so far it seems that it may be very well in line with the philosophy of AVRT. You are responsible for your actions.

I'm sure I'll be posting a lot more in this section, asking questions and talking about this... once again, I'm very grateful to have found this board.
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Hi, Backbeat.

When I first came across AVRT, I was also struck by a sense of instant familiarity, of having been doing a lot of the things already, even if I hadn't clearly articulated them. Not surprising I guess, since Trimpey based RR on the experiences of people who had recovered on their own.

I also see a lot of parallels to Buddhist thinking. I'm a huge fan of the old Stoics, too, and see some striking overlap there as well. Actually I think AVRT is quite complementary to most philosophical and religious perspectives; it just doesn't define addiction as a spiritual problem, nor does it rely on a spiritual solution.
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Hi, BackBeat, welcome to the secular side of SR. The crash course from the RR website is very good, and you can get your very own copy of the AVRT book, The New Cure for Substance Addiction, from a number of online sources, including Amazon, with used copies for cheap.

This thread is really a record of people's questions and answers as they worked through this mental exercise, got it, and then got on with life and their fine sober selfs. I read it eagerly when I found it, and it went a long ways to help with my understanding. With over 2500 posts, there is a lot of accumulated wisdom here.

Looking forward to your posts, BackBeat, glad you are here.
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I too, can abuse anything- food, drugs, sex, etc. and while I used AA in the beginning I realized it wasn't for me. I refuse to accept that I am powerless. Of course I have power- I control the movements my body takes and I can control not putting alcohol etc into me. To me this method is so simple. Don't listen to the Beast.
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Hi backbeat glad you are here. All the AVRT threads are great. You will relate right away.
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