AVRT and sugar?

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AVRT and sugar?

Has anyone ever tried using AVRT with sugar? I know this is a weird question. I finally read the entire RR book today and I'm completely sold on it for my end to drinking (I will never drink again). However as a goof I tried to convince myself I would never eat a piece of candy again and my AV (is it the same AV or another beast entirely), told me, I was crazy if I thought I could ever quit sugar.

To be honest, it felt stronger than the AV who's been controlling my drinking the last 20 years.

Anyone understand what I'm asking here? Sugar is causing me health problems now and my doctor told me I need to quit eating refined sugars. But I've been doing it anyway, because I (or my AV?) can't stop. Can I apply my AV to sugar? If so, do I treat it all as one voice, or two separate "beasts"? Man, I feel pretty silly asking this right now. I'm new to AVRT, so sorry if I'm not approaching this right.

Thanks guys.
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Yes, I applied the basics of AVRT before I knew that's what it was to sugar. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and after attending the classes I told myself I would never eat refined sugar again.

Of course it is almost impossible not to eat some sugar because it is in everything. I don't eat candy, cakes, pies or anything like that with large amounts of sugar. I don't eat sweetened cereals. I also try to avoid white refined flour as it is every bit as bad as sugar.

Now, I do eat fruit pies that have no sugar added and there are some very good no sugar added ice creams so you aren't giving up everything. Which means when your beast is whining for candy or sweets you can give it something else and it least in my case it is quit content with that.

Actually using AVRT to quit drinking was easier because I could just say no. With eating its harder because you just can't say no to eating. You can learn what foods are ok and which ones aren't and stick to your guns on that. Google glycemic index and you can learn a lot about good and bad carbs. The concept is the same though, just say no to the bad carbs. Sorry it's not quite as cut and dry but it is doable. I now manage my diabetes through diet and exercise and no longer need the medicine.

Edit:... One thing, the sweetener in a lot of diet candy is a laxative so be careful with that. I learned that one the hard way.

Your friend,
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I reckon AVRT could just about apply to any aspect of your life that is within your control.
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Originally Posted by vinyl View Post
Has anyone ever tried using AVRT with sugar?
I haven't, but it can be done, it just needs a little tweaking from the usual, since you can't stop eating entirely. RR does have that "Taming the Feast Beast" book, but I've never read it myself. I do know from the supplement to that book, and from the Journal of Rational Recovery, that there are four axes of a dietary Big Plan: Time, Amount, Place, and Stuff (TAPS). TAPS allows a progressive approach, one axis at a time, until you have the results you want. Essentially, you make more limited Big Plans. I sent you a link to the TAPS sheet, or you can also Google "rational recovery taps" (without quotes) to find it quickly.

Originally Posted by vinyl View Post
Sugar is causing me health problems now and my doctor told me I need to quit eating refined sugars. But I've been doing it anyway, because I (or my AV?) can't stop.
I do notice some basic confusion in your post, though, so do read through the AVRT discussion thread if you haven't done so, as it will clarify some things. You certainly can stop eating refined sugars, but your body, via the addictive voice, will try and raise holy hell. The Beast cannot control your arms, legs, and mouth, it can only use the AV to try and coax you into feeding it. Remember, AV is to Beast as Bark is to Dog. Just as the bark is not the dog, the AV is not the Beast. The Beast is the desire, the biological drive, and the AV is the expression of that desire, in your mind's eye and ear (the pictures and sounds in your head).
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Because I eventually gave up sugar 20 years ago, ....and went back to it eventually; I gave it up at the same time I became a non drinker.

Reviewing my old used copy of Sugar Blues jogged my memory on why I'd given it up originally !?!

BTW, .....really enjoyed the reviews on Amazon.

One parrallel I found interesting with AVRT is how he draws out a sort of (if only historical) moral imperative for the reader. (well, imho he does, anyway)

once you've made your Big Plan, and are willing to read ingredient labels; should be easy sailing .

Be prepared to up your fresh fruit consumption.

Hope you'll give that book a try. Easy, enjoyable, and entertaining read.

On a side note, my nephew sent me the vid of the latest 60 Minutes piece on several "new studies" on the dangers of sugar.

All I could think about was part of a Dave Chapelle stand-up routine when he jokes about a 1990's goundbreaking piece in Time Magazine explaining to "white folks"......<in his most provincial white guy voice> about long practiced police brutality in the Black Community.

"Uh, Marge; ......apparently the police have been beating up Negroes like hot cakes !?!
It's right here in the April edition"
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oops, another DBL !
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