Has anyone attended AVRT: The Class?

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The 5th largest city would have about 1.5 million people in it, plus the population of the surrounding areas. I find it very hard to believe there's not even one alternative program meeting available in the 5th largest American city after some 20 years of SOS, Lifering, Smart, and others have been operating. Seems impossible that would be true after so long.

If it's so that there is nothing and you don't mind waiting for slow keyboarding, there are some online meetings, and combined with that even if you have to spend a day driving perhaps making one f2f meeting every other month or so may help a little.
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Originally Posted by PJ30 View Post
I'm new here. I'm glad to know that SMART is available to those who are incarcerated. I was not aware that SMART had been incorporated into programs at detention facilitites.
SMART has had a presence in the prison system for a while, and they may very well have more meetings on the inside than on the outside. The prison addiction treatment industry had a little bit of a problem once the courts ruled AA religious, and they needed an 'alternative' to force inmates into.
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Langkah you crack me up
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Talking On SMART...

I mentioned with intent as a 'potential' resource. You know... As in "supportive" ?? LOL...a difficult concept for some, apparently.
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