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Originally Posted by BackToSquareOne View Post
I realize this thread is about AVRT in regard to drinking but has anyone tried the technique with other things?
There may be other posts, but I recall these:

AVRT & Other Things #1 —

AVRT & Other Things #2 —

AVRT & Other Things #3 —

AVRT & Other Things #4 —
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Originally Posted by langkah View Post
'Yes a lot of not for profit groups have very expensive recovery centres behind them, smart and lifering both have, i'd give the links but i don't have enough posts yet'

When you can paste in links or have the time to write out the names of these centres that would be great as I'm curious.

Oh, and a belated goodbye to the OP.
Practical Recovery is one, see below

A. Tom Horvath was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. He earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John's College, Annapolis, Maryland, in 1975, and a Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology at San Diego in 1981. From 1981 to 1984 he served as an active duty Navy Psychologist. In 1984 he entered full time independent practice. In 1985 he founded Practical Recovery, which offers a self-empowering alternative to 12-step and disease-oriented addiction treatment. He became a board certified clinical psychologist of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) in 1990. In 2006 he founded Pyrysys Psychology Group, Inc., which offers a wide range of services, including Practical Recovery, Supporting ME (Moderate Eating), and the Center for Cognitive Therapy La Jolla. Currently the Practical Recovery system of services includes office-based services (Pyrysys) and a sober living home (Reunion San Diego).

Dr. Horvath has been active in professional psychology and behavioral health at the local, state, national and international levels. He is a Past President (1990) and Fellow (1993) of the San Diego Psychological Association and a Past President (1988-1990) of the San Diego Phobia Foundation. He was the Volunteer Advisor for SMART Recovery San Diego from 1990 to 2010. In 1992 he was appointed by Speaker Willie Brown to the California Controlled Substances Prescription Advisory Council, which produced recommendations regarding California's triplicate prescription program for controlled substances.

At the national level, he was the Secretary-Tresurer (1995-98) of the American Psychological Association's Division on Addictions (Division 50), and served as President from 1999-2000. The Division has over 1200 members and is the world's largest organization of addictive behavior psychologists.

He is the President of SMART Recovery (1995-2008, 2009 to present), an international, non-profit network of free, self-empowering, science-based support groups, face-to-face or online, for abstaining from any substance or activity addiction.

From 2000-2010 Dr. Horvath was adjunct faculty at the Leadership Studies Program, School of Education, University of San Diego, where he helped leaders in all fields develop their leadership and executive potential. Since 2010 Dr. Horvath has been adjunct faculty at Alliant International University in San Diego, teaching the Chemical Dependency course. He is the author of Sex, Drugs, Gambling & Chocolate: A Workbook for Overcoming Addictions (2nd ed.; Impact, 2003).

Dr. Horvath's publications, media interviews, and presentations to professionals are helping to change how individuals, professionals, and societies understand addictive behavior. PSY7732
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Click on each program for more details. To allow you to compare our fees to other programs, our 30 day fees are listed here. Any of our programs can be customized to meet your exact needs:
Private Rehab: $40,000 (estimated; there may be significant additional expenses)

In Home Rehab: $30,000 (estimated; plus travel expenses for consultant)
Adult Program: $10,500; $14,900; $19,300; $23,700; or $28,100

Young Adult Program: $10,500; $14,900

Treatment-in- Residence: $10,000 to $20,000 (estimated; with additional expense of food and lodging)
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What an interesting guy.

Looking here for the expensive recovery centres that SMART and Lifering both have. In other words, a name of an expensive recovery centre than Lifering has, and another name for an expensive recovery centre that SMART has.
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