from rock bottom to finding happiness.

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from rock bottom to finding happiness.

2 weeks shy of 6 months clean and sober....I am more on a journey to find out where I am at and where I want to be. It's not a question of to drink or not to drink. I'm on a journey of life picking up the pieces and placing them many wasted years. Clear headed, strong minded, keeping cool in situations that may have blown up if I was still drinking. I'm on a mission to find out what I truely want to do for the rest of my life. Going out exploring, pushing the boundries, finding peace within. Being more honest and actually trying to be pro-active in finding whatever I am searching for. Don't know what I'm looking for in particular be it a relationship, work, recreation, study, pleasure but know 'm heading in a better direction these days and things are working out for me for once. All I know is that to trust in myself and sobriety and that it will get all pieced together one day and will be worth it. I'm doing it my way this time and for me and find that inner peace and belonging I long for. For me the only way is to move forward and let it happen.
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Hi checkmate.

We've got to stop meeting like this. (ha!)

Good to see you here. This part of the forum is new for me over the past few weeks. Usually I've been on the substance abuse threads, but I've found some really good people on the secular recovery threads.

I'm thrilled to see you out there still kickin' it. I saw great promise in you a few months ago, and you are doing exactly what I envisioned you doing. Forging ahead in life free of the chains of addiction is very liberating. Congratulations on these 6 months, which have been very hard won for you.

Good job, dude.

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Hi Checkmate. I feel like I could have written your post, have almost 7 months. I love being able to coherently & thoughtfully progress in my life instead of drifting on the sea of booze. Congratulations on your sober time
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Living drug free sure dose open-up a whole lot of positive directions to go forth. Well done on your sober time!
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Good, healthy, postive, attitude, 6 month fantastic.
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Checkmate, amazing post! I sense a calm and clarity in your words. Clear head and strong can accomplish anything you want to. Believe that!
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There is something so inspiring about your post. I dont know if its because you are almost 6 months in ( which is where i want be ) or because i can hear you passion against alcohol in you post. Either way,thanks for the inspiration...i have 6 days under my belt and i only hope i will wake up one day with almost 6 months to be proud of...great post and good luck for the future.
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